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Thermo Scientific
iONGUARD Antimicrobial 3D-Silver-Matrix

Protects cultures by suppressing growth of potential contaminants in CO2 incubators. Especially designed for stainless steel surfaces in incubator chambers. The inner container is made of electropolished stainless steel and an unique antimicrobial 3D-silver-matrix.
  • Registered at Federal Agency for Occupational Safety and -Medicine (BAUA N-43042).
  • Verified lasting germicidal effect via aging tests.
  • Consequent reduction of contaminatable areas.
  • Easy to clean, rounded edges at all sides: prevention of possible contaminations.
Thermo Scientific  iONGUARD™ Antimicrobial 3D-Silver-Matrix
TypeForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
iONGUARD antimicrobial 3D-silver-matrixHERAcell® 150 i CO2 incubators15427224-1,721.25Order
iONGUARD antimicrobial 3D-silver-matrixHERAcell® 240 i CO2 incubators15427225-1,721.25Order
Available only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.