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ECO Cooling Thermostats with Natural Refrigerants

Natural refrigerants are naturally occurring, non-synthetic substances. These have a very low global warming potential (GWP). This means that users can make a significant contribution to reducing the direct greenhouse effect.
  • Mini-USB interface as standard, further interfaces available as modules.
  • Vario pump with 6 levels, 0.55 bar max. pressure, 22 l / min max. flow.
ECO SilverECO Gold
- 2.0 kW heater power, working temperature range up to 200 °C, temperature stability ± 0.02 K.- 2.6 kW heater power, working temperature range up to 200 °C, temperature stability ± 0.02 K.
- LCD display.- Coloured TFT display.
- Operation via cursor and softkeys, menu navigation in plain text.- Operation via cursor and softkeys, menu navigation in plain text.
- Programmer with 1 programme and 20 segments.- Programmer with 5 programmes and 150 segments.
- Graphical display of temperature profiles.
ECO Cooling Thermostats with Natural Refrigerants  LAUDA
ECO Cooling Thermostats with Natural Refrigerants  LAUDAECO Cooling Thermostats with Natural Refrigerants  LAUDA    
at 20 °C
Bath capacity
opening / depth
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
RE 420 S, air-cooled- 20 to + 2002.000.203.3 to 4130 x 105 / 16015427256-4,196.28Order
RE 630 S, air-cooled- 30 to + 2002.000.304.6 to 5.7150 x 130 / 16015427258-4,880.70Order
RE 1050 S, air-cooled- 50 to + 2002.000.708 to 10200 x 200 / 16015427259-7,034.94Order
RE 1225 S, air-cooled- 25 to + 2002.000.309.3 to 12200 x 200 / 20015427260-5,239.74Order
RE 2025 S, air-cooled- 25 to + 2002.000.3014 to 20300 x 350 / 16015427261-5,924.16Order
RE 420 G, air-cooled- 20 to + 2002.600.203.3 to 4130 x 105 / 16015427262-4,667.52Order
RE 630 G, air-cooled- 30 to + 2002.600.304.6 to 5.7150 x 130 / 16015427264-5,351.94Order
RE 1050 G, air-cooled- 50 to + 2002.600.708 to 10200 x 200 / 16015427265-7,506.18Order
RE 1225 G, air-cooled- 25 to + 2002.600,309.3 to 12200 x 200 / 20015427266-5,710.98Order
RE 2025 G, air-cooled- 25 to + 2002.600.3014 to 20300 x 350 / 16015427267-6,395.40Order
Bath liquids / Lauda