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Water Baths WNB / WNE / WPE and Oil Baths ONE

Water Baths:
Working temperatue range WNB / WNE: at least 5 °C above ambient to + 95 °C and additional boiling stage; boiling stage on model WPE only with pump switched off.
  • Setting temperature range WNB / WNE from + 10 up to + 95 °C and additional boiling mode WPE 45 without boiling mode.
  • Temperature deviation temporal / spatial max. ± 0.25 °C / ± 0.1 °C
  • Housing made of textured st. steel 1.4301.
  • Deep-drawn, hermetically welded st. steel working chamber 1.4301 (ASTM 304).
  • Resolution of display for setpoint and actual values: 0.1 °C.
  • Mains supply: 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz.
  • Standard units bear the CE-test marks and EAC.

Water Baths WNB:
  • Electronic microprocessor PID-controller with integrated autodiagnostic system with fault indicator.
  • Solid state switching unit.
  • 1 Pt 100 sensor DIN class A in 4-wire-circuit.
  • Integrated digital timer from 1 min to 99:59 h.
  • ON (continuous operation) / WAIT (delayed on for continuous and limited timed operation) / HOLD.
  • Digital display of setpoint and actual temperature as well as residual running time.
  • LEDs for indication of programme status.
  • Double overtemperature protection: In case of overtemperature due to failure the heating is switched off at approx. 10 °C above setpoint temperature. Mechanical temperature limiter TB protection class 1 to switch off heating at approx. 30 °C above max. bath temperature.

Water Baths WNE:
  • PID-microprocessor-control with fuzzy-support with integrated autodiagnostic system with fault indication.
  • Solid state switching unit.
  • 2 Pt 100 sensors DIN-class A in 4-wire-circuit, for monitoring each other and taking over the performance at the same temperature value.
  • Digital timer from 1 min to 999 h.
  • ON (continuous operation) / WAIT (delayed on) / HOLD or HOLD setpoint dependent with guaranteed holding time.
  • Digital display of temperature, time and alarm values.
  • Calibration facility on controller.
  • Audible and visible alarm at programme end and as input acknowledgement as well as in case of low liquid level; heating is switched off automatically.
  • Triple overtemperature protection: in case of overtemperature due to failure the heating is switched off at approx. 10 °C above setpoint temperature. Independently working, electronic temperature controller TWW protection class 3.1 or adjustable temperature limiter TWB protection class 2 to be selected by customer in set-up. Resolution of display / setting accuracy: 0.1 up to 99.9 °C, 1 °C from 100 °C. Mechanical temperature limiter TB class 1 to switch off heating about 30 °C above max. bath temperature.

Water Baths WPE:
As WNE but with additional circulation pump, boiling stage (only with pump switched off). Working temperature range at least 15 °C above ambient to +95 °C.

Oil Baths ONE:
Working temperature range at least 15 °C above ambient to + 200 °C. Setting temperature range from + 20 to + 200 °C are available in the same sizes as water baths. Features similar to WNE, however, instead of overtemperature controller TWW the oil baths are provided with adjustable temperature limiter TWB class 2 (it is not possible to choose between TWW and TWB).
  • Standard units bear the CE-test marks and EAC.
Memmert  Water Baths WNB / WNE / WPE  and Oil Baths ONE
Memmert  Water Baths WNB / WNE / WPE  and Oil Baths ONEMemmert  Water Baths WNB / WNE / WPE  and Oil Baths ONE    
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
WNB77240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115906501-630.82Order
WNB1010350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315906502-685.44Order
WNB1414350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515906503-737.92Order
WNB2222350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715906504-827.88Order
WNB2929590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415906505-948.91Order
WNB4545590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615906506-1,177.03Order
WNB7 with lid7240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115420020-681.16Order
WNB10 with lid10350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315420021-763.62Order
WNB14 with lid14350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515420022-833.24Order
WNB22 with lid22350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715420023-923.20Order
WNB29 with lid29590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415420024-1,136.33Order
WNB45 with lid45590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615420025-1,364.45Order
WNE77240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115906490-719.71Order
WNE1010350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315906491-779.69Order
WNE1414350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515906492-841.81Order
WNE2222350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715906493-932.84Order
WNE2929590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415906494-1,054.94Order
WNE4545590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615906495-1,286.27Order
WNE7 with lid7240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115420026-770.05Order
WNE10 with lid10350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315420027-857.87Order
WNE14 with lid14350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515420028-937.13Order
WNE22 with lid22350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715420029-1,028.16Order
WNE29 with lid29590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415420030-1,242.36Order
WNE45 with lid45590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615420031-1,473.70Order
WPE4545590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615906510-1,703.96Order
WPE45 with lid45590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615420032-1,891.39Order
ONE77240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115906511-992.82Order
ONE1010350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315906512-1,029.23Order
ONE1414350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515906513-1,069.93Order
ONE2222350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715906514-1,157.75Order
ONE2929590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415906515-1,265.92Order
ONE4545590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615906516-1,473.70Order
ONE7 with lid7240 x 210 x 140468 x 356 x 238 / 3371115420033-1,043.15Order
ONE10 with lid10350 x 210 x 140578 x 356 x 238 / 3371315420034-1,107.41Order
ONE14 with lid14350 x 290 x 140578 x 436 x 238 / 3471515420035-1,165.25Order
ONE22 with lid22350 x 290 x 220578 x 436 x 296 / 4051715420036-1,253.07Order
ONE29 with lid29590 x 350 x 140818 x 516 x 238 / 3432415420037-1,453.35Order
ONE45 with lid45590 x 350 x 220818 x 516 x 296 / 4012615420038-1,661.12Order
Exterior dimensions: height with flat cover / gable cover.
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