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Q-Construction Type 90 Safety Storage Cabinets - Width 900 mm

  • Extremely robust design with scratch-proof surface.
  • Triple hinged door for extreme strain.
  • Safety elements assembled outside the storage compartment for increased protection against corrosion.
  • Integrated transport base for simple inhouse transport.
  • Cabinet can be transported upright through doors.
  • Adjustable feet installed in the base allow the safe and fast compensation of minor surface unevenness.
  • Modern bicolour design with a choice of seven door colours at no extra cost.
  • Language-free labelling for optimum international usability.
  • Cylinder lock with locking status indicator (red / green) signals the locking status of the cabinet.
  • Doors lockable with cylinder lock; the cabinets can be integrated by the customer in an existing master key system.
  • Safety cabinets are available in standard widths of 600, 900 and 1200 mm.
  • Integrated air ducts ready for connection (DN 75) to a technical exhaust system.
  • Visual inspection of the exhaust air function in the exhaust grille (rotating fan impeller).

  • Doors stop in any position for easy handling with comfort , self-closing in the event of fire.

  • Permanently integrated, drive-under base.
  • Simple transport of the cabinet without pallet.
  • A base cover is optionally available: closes base when not in use.
  • Optional: with the Q-Mover even 1200 mm broad asecos® safety cabinets in the Q-construction can be moved through standard doors in an upright position.
Technical Data:
External dimensions (W x D x H):893 x 615 x 1953 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):750 x 522 x 1647 mm
Cabinet weight:343 kg
Max. load:600 kg
Max. floor loading:654 kg / m2
Drive-in width of base:820 mm
Drive-in height of base:90 mm
Exhaust connection:75 NW
Air exchange 10-fold:6 m3 / h
Pressure drop:5 Pa
Q-Construction Type 90 Safety Storage Cabinets - Width 900 mm  asecos®
Q-Construction Type 90 Safety Storage Cabinets - Width 900 mm  asecos®Q-Construction Type 90 Safety Storage Cabinets - Width 900 mm  asecos®    
Door colourEquipmentPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Light grey3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427458-2,918.32Order
Warning yellow3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427459-2,918.32Order
Traffic red3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427460-2,918.32Order
Gentian blue3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427461-2,918.32Order
Reseda green3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427462-2,918.32Order
Pure white3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427463-2,918.32Order
asecos silver3 shelves, perforated metal plate insert, bottom collecting sump15427464-2,918.32Order
Light grey4 pull-out drawers15427465-3,460.37Order
Warning yellow4 pull-out drawers15427466-3,460.37Order
Traffic red4 pull-out drawers15427467-3,460.37Order
Gentian blue4 pull-out drawers15427468-3,460.37Order
Reseda green4 pull-out drawers15427469-3,460.37Order
Pure white4 pull-out drawers15427470-3,460.37Order
asecos silver4 pull-out drawers15427471-3,460.37Order
Light grey6 pull-out drawers15427472-3,834.91Order
Warning yellow6 pull-out drawers15427473-3,834.91Order
Traffic red6 pull-out drawers15427474-3,834.91Order
Gentian blue6 pull-out drawers15427475-3,834.91Order
Reseda green6 pull-out drawers15427476-3,834.91Order
Pure white6 pull-out drawers15427477-3,834.91Order
asecos silver6 pull-out drawers15427478-3,834.91Order
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