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pH- / Ion-Meters SevenCompact™ S210 / S220
pH-/Conductivity-Meter SevenCompact™ Duo S213 (2-Channel)

Extremely efficient meter for pH-, mV- (S210) and ion concentration measurements (S220), resp. pH and conductivity (S213) :
  • 4.3" colour display with u-Focus™: switching of display information.
  • PIN-protected routine- or expert mode, full GxP support.
  • Full text menu guidance in 10 languages.
  • ID management: user- / sample- / sensor-ID, 'Intelligent Sensor Management' (ISM®).
  • Calibration with pre- and user-defined buffer groups, calibration timer.
  • Automatic, manual or time-controlled endpoint detection - separate adjustment of endpoint criteria.
  • Measuring of ion concentration with pre-defined ions.
  • Internal measured value memory for 1000 data sets, data export via USB stick.
  • 2 USB interfaces for the PC, connection of an USB scanner or -keypad.
  • uPlace™: unique electrode holder with absolutely vertical movement.
  • Optional stirrer-control etc.
Technical Data:
S210 / S220 / S213 pH-channel
(conductivity chanel see S230)
pH range / resolution:- 2.0 to 20.00 / 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1
mV range/ resolution:- 2000 to 2000 / 0.1 / 1
Ion concentrations:0 to 1000 % / 0 to 10000 ppm / 1.0 E-9 to 9.99 E+9 mg / l
Temperature range / resolution:- 30.0 to 130.0 °C / 0.1 °C
 SevenCompact™ Video
pH- / Ion-Meters SevenCompact™ S210 / S220  pH-/Conductivity-Meter SevenCompact™ Duo S213 (2-Channel)  METTLER TOLEDO
pH- / Ion-Meters SevenCompact™ S210 / S220  pH-/Conductivity-Meter SevenCompact™ Duo S213 (2-Channel)  METTLER TOLEDOpH- / Ion-Meters SevenCompact™ S210 / S220  pH-/Conductivity-Meter SevenCompact™ Duo S213 (2-Channel)  METTLER TOLEDOpH- / Ion-Meters SevenCompact™ S210 / S220  pH-/Conductivity-Meter SevenCompact™ Duo S213 (2-Channel)  METTLER TOLEDO   
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
S210-Metermeter, uPlace™ electrode holder, mains supply, certificate15434909-708.40Order
S210-Kitas S210-Meter plus InLab® Expert Pro-ISM, cable, calibration buffer15434910-937.20Order
S210-Bioas S210-Meter plus InLab® Routine Pro-ISM, cable, calibration buffer15434911-998.80Order
S210-Uas S210-Meter plus InLab® Versatile Pro, cable, calibration buffer15434914-853.60Order
S220-Metermeter, uPlace™ electrode holder, mains supply, certificate15427760-818.40Order
S220-Kitas S220-Meter plus InLab® Expert Pro-ISM, cable, calibration buffer15427761-1,051.60Order
S220-Bioas S220-Meter plus InLab® Routine Pro-ISM, cable, calibration buffer15427762-1,117.60Order
S220-Uas S220-Meter plus InLab® Versatile Pro, cable, calibration buffer15427763-963.60Order
S220-Microas S220-Kit but with InLab® Ultra-Micro and cable15434912-1,091.20Order
S220-uMixas S220-Kit plus uMix™ magnetic stirrer15434913-1,188.00Order
Duo S213 meterwith electrode holder and protective cover15444310-1,491.60Order
Duo S213 standard kitInLab® Expert Pro-ISM, InLab® 731, guides, 2 buffers f. pH 4.01, 7.00, 9.21, 10.00, 2 s15444311-1,878.80Order
Duo S213 water kitwith InLab® Pure Pro-ISM for pH and InLab® 741-ISM for conductivity15444312-2,098.80Order
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