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Nytran® Nylon Membranes
GE Healthcare

Nytran® Nylon:
Ideal for applications that require a lower charge. It is designed for Southern and Northern blotting as well as colony and plaque lifts and Dot- / Slot-Blots. Nytran® N is compatible with isotopic and non-isotopic detection methods.
Nytran® N membrane allows for excellent signal-to-noise ratios. The membrane is cast uniformly on both sides of a support matrix, demonstrating excellent symmetry. This gives the membrane the ability to lie flat without curling. Nytran® N membrane is a highly consistent membrane with uniform pore size and distribution. It is available in 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm pore sizes for optimal retention of oligos and larger DNA fragments.

Nytran® SuPerCharge (SPC):
Very high positive charge. Membrane with a higher density of nylon per unit area. The increased charge and greater nylon density provide increased binding sites.
Very uniform pore size and pore distribution. They are free of surface microvoids. These characteristics lead to greater reproducibility of results across a membrane and from blot to blot.
Nytran® SPC membrane is cast uniformly on both sides of a support matrix, demonstrating excellent symmetry. This gives the membrane the ability to lie flat without curling. Whether using radioactive or non-radioactive detection techniques, Nytran® SPC consistently gives high signal with extremely low background.
Nytran® Nylon Membranes  GE Healthcare
TypePore size
SizePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Nytran® N nylon membrane, roll0.230 x 300 cm15057006-499.70Order
Nytran® N nylon membrane, roll0.4530 x 300 cm15057007-536.06Order
Nytran® SuPerCharge (SPC) nylon membrane, roll0.4530 x 300 cm15057008-777.70Order