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Accessories for Fuego SCS Series and gasprofi 1 SCS micro

Accessories for Fuego SCS Series and gasprofi 1 SCS micro  WLD-TEC
Accessories for Fuego SCS Series and gasprofi 1 SCS micro  WLD-TECAccessories for Fuego SCS Series and gasprofi 1 SCS micro  WLD-TEC    
TypeDescriptionForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Windshield Fuego SCS series / gasprofi 1 SCS micro15420533-20.33Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulatorfor CV 360 gas cartridgesFuego SCS series / gasprofi 1 SCS micro15018763-74.89Order
Safety adapter with pressure regulatorfor CV 470 gas cartridgesFuego SCS series / gasprofi 1 SCS micro15018764-95.92Order
Trayfor right or left side 15520515-25.43Order
Steriliseable tray, st. steelmobile, 5 placesFuego SCS series / gasprofi 1 SCS micro15420530-22.35Order
Thermocouple type Kimmersion sensor Ø 3 mm w. handle, l. 130 mm, helix conn. cableFuego SCS / Fuego SCS pro15430353-81.22Order
Thermocouple type Kimmersion sensor Ø 1.5 mm, l. 150 mm, bendable, cable length 2 mFuego SCS / Fuego SCS pro15430354-59.49Order
Thermocouple type Kair sensor, PTFE insulated, cable length 1 mFuego SCS / Fuego SCS pro15430355-50.07Order
Measuring adapter for thermocouples type Ktemperature range from 35 to 350 °CFuego SCS / Fuego SCS pro15430356-85.18Order
Further safety adapters and accessories are available on request!