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In photometric water analysis, sample digestion is an important step. NANOCOLOR® heating blocks are ideal for all digestion processes in water and waste water analysis, as they work fast and efficiently with clever safety features for max. user protection.

The heating blocks feature pre-stored standard programmes for all routine digestion procedures. User-defined methods can be added quickly. NANOCOLOR® heating blocks provide simple and fast sample digestion due to extremely short heat-up times and high speed digestion in just 30 min. The blocks temperature stability creates constant and stable digestion conditions, which increases the reliability of results. All heating blocks are suitable for the total phosphate, COD (DIN and high-speed), total nitrogen, total metals, TOC and all other NANOCOLOR® digestion procedures.
  • Integrated protective covering for safe digestions.
  • Easy operation via touchscreen and backlid display.
  • Bidirectional serial RS 232 interface as well as USB A (master) and USB B (slave).
  • Software for GLP conform temperature control, calibrating and update.
  • 5 preprogrammed temperatures (70 / 100 / 120 / 148 / 160 °C).
  • 4 preprogrammed heating times (30 / 60 / 120 min / cont.).
  • 7 free memory locations for individual temperature settings between 40 and 160 °C (increments 1 °C).
  • 8 free memory locations for individual time settings between 0 h : 01 min to 9 h : 59 min (increments 0 h : 01 min).
  • Exchangeable safety cover as protection against contact to hot surfaces.
Display:coloured LCD touchscreen with backlid display
Power supply:110 to 230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Simultaneous digestion of 12 samples with 16 mm outer Ø.
  • 1 heating unit.

Items supplied:
Heating block with power cable, removable protective covering, manual, data cable and software-DVD.
Technical Data:
Power consumption:150 / 300 VA
Dimensions (B x W x H):169 x 282 x 146 mm
Weight:approx. 2.0 kg
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Heating block NANOCOLOR® VARIO C2 M, with big bores8 bores for test tubes 16 mm AD, 2 x for vessels 22 mm Ø15429932-1,134.04Order
Tube tests Nanocolor / MACHEREY-NAGEL