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SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® Culture Plugs

SILICOSEN® and BIO-SILICO® are specially processed culture plugs in silicone rubber with continuous bubbles for preparation, filling and sterilisation of culture media. Their uniform pore structure and good air permeability make them excellent for the cultivation of aerobic micro-organisms. Their low water evaporation makes them particularly suitable for long term cultures.
  • The lateral surface is covered with an external skin: air exchange can only take place vertically.
  • Dry sterilisation (180 °C) and steam sterilisation possible.
  • Can be washed and disinfected with hot water or neutral detergent.
  • Chemically- and heat-resistant.
  • Multiple use possible.
TypeØ top /
lower part
upper part
For neck
inner Ø
ColourPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SILICOSEN®, T1010 / 617136 to 9natural105429728-27.47Order
SILICOSEN®, T1212 / 917139 to 11natural105429729-32.46Order
SILICOSEN®, T1515 / 11201511 to 14natural105429730-38.29Order
SILICOSEN®, T1717 / 13301013 to 16natural105429731-42.08Order
SILICOSEN®, T1919 / 15301215 to 18natural105429732-47.91Order
SILICOSEN®, T2222 / 18301518 to 21natural105429733-53.27Order
SILICOSEN®, T2424 / 20352020 to 23natural105429734-64.50Order
SILICOSEN®, T3232 / 22402022 to 30natural105429735-90.62Order
SILICOSEN®, T4242 / 30553530 to 40natural105429736-218.48Order
SILICOSEN®, T5252 / 40604040 to 50natural105429737-350.61Order
SILICOSEN®, L1212 / 910409 to 11natural105429738-47.91Order
SILICOSEN®, L1717 / 13203013 to 16natural105429739-51.97Order
SILICOSEN®, L2222 / 18303018 to 21natural105429740-83.75Order
SILICOSEN®, S2828 / 17271817 to 26green105429741-159.18Order
SILICOSEN®, S3535 / 24302024 to 33green105429742-186.23Order
SILICOSEN®, S4040 / 28302028 to 38green105429743-239.29Order
SILICOSEN®, N1213 / 917139 to 11orange105429744-41.82Order
BIO-SILICO®, N1516 / 11221411 to 14orange105429745-45.05Order
BIO-SILICO®, N1719 / 13251513 to 16orange105429746-48.53Order
BIO-SILICO®, N1921 / 15281615 to 18orange105429747-52.75Order
BIO-SILICO®, N2224 / 18301818 to 21orange105429748-63.26Order
BIO-SILICO®, N2425 / 20322020 to 23orange105429749-77.41Order
BIO-SILICO®, N3234 / 22362422 to 30orange105429750-119.65Order
BIO-SILICO®, N4244 / 30463230 to 40orange105429751-284.03Order
BIO-SILICO®, N5254 / 40503640 to 50orange105429752-329.81Order
SILICOSEN®, C2016 / 12282015 to 20natural105429753-78.97Order
SILICOSEN®, C3026 / 18283020 to 30natural105429754-98.32Order
SILICOSEN®, C4036 / 27284030 to 40natural105429755-135.25Order
SILICOSEN®, C5550 / 34285540 to 50natural105429756+186.23Order