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Thermanox Coverslips

Surface treatment on one side for optimal cell attachment and growth (a drop of water or culture medium will spread on the hydrophilic, treated side).
  • 0.2 mm thickness.
  • Sterile.
  • Resistant to commonly used solvents.
  • Safe and easy to handle.
  • Autofluorescent in the range 380 to 545 nm.
Thermanox™ Coverslips  Nunc
ForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Ø 1324 well multidish5005430366-399.51Order
Ø 15-5005430367-457.78Order
Ø 22-5005430368-653.37Order
Ø 256 well multidish5005430369-648.17Order
10.5 / 228 well multidish5005430370-524.36Order
22 / 604 well multidish5005430371-793.83Order
24 / 30-5005430372-634.64Order