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Cell Culture Dishes, Nunclon Δ Surface

Surface treated dishes for cell culture available in various sizes and formats are optically clear and suitable for microscopy.

Nunclon Δ surface modification is certified non-pyrogenic and tested for both monolayer formation and cloning efficiency employing primary cells as well as repeating cell lines.
  • Sterile.
  • With lid.
  • Material: PS.
Cell Culture Dishes, Nunclon™ Δ Surface  Nunc
working volume
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
35 x 108.8yes35005430410-154.50Order
35 x 108.8no35005430411-156.15Order
35 x 10 with grid8.8yes35005430412-364.35Order
60 x 1521.5yes54005430413-123.93Order
60 x 1521.5no54005430414-123.93Order
60 x 15 Permanox20.8yes55005430415-1,245.91Order
60 x 15 with grid21.5yes54005430416-135.50Order
100 x 15*5.7yes12.51505430417+83.45Order
100 x 2056.7yes12.52406376184-125.58Order
150 x 20*145yes35805430419-116.49Order
245 x 245500no135165430420-162.76Order
* Packed in resealable bags.