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 Agilent certified

2 ml Wide Opening Screw Top Glass Vials

Prevent sequence problems and unpleasant surprises: use Agilent certified vials, caps and septa. Designed and tested to Agilent's exact specifications; fully compatible with Agilent autosamplers and corresponding closures.
  • Exact fit with Agilent instrumentation.
  • In-line opto-electronic testing inspects 100 % of all key dimensions.
  • Produced in a clean environment and acc. to ISO 9001 certified facility.
  • Packaged in material that has been tested and selected for cleanliness.
  • Made from First Hydrolytic Type 1 Class A borosilicate glass, which conforms to US FDA,USP and EU Pharmacopeia standards.
  • Subjected to rigorous end-of-line sampling and quality control procedures.
  • Available deactivated.
  • Certified closures and septa are designed for optimal sealing and smooth application with Agilent's instruments.
  • Agilent carries out chromatographic tests with the silicone septa to ensure highest cleanliness standards.
Common problems and effects:Benefits of Agilent certified vials and caps:
- Inconsistency with vial bottom thickness: sample draw inconsistency.- Consistent and valid relative standard deviation (RSO) values.
- Autosampler sequence interruption: mishandled or dropped vials; loss of precious sample.- Confidence in unattended operation.
- Undetected improper seal: sample loss / evaporation; possible sample contamination.- Proper sealing for accurate results.
- Dislodged or misaligned septa: sample loss / -contamination.- Accurate results.
- Ghost peaks: contamination by cap septa.- Chromatography purity test that eliminates outliers and analysis errors.
Combine the excellent autosampler handling of a crimp cap profile with the ease of a screw cap. The screw caps and precision fit septa give a secure seal with microvolume inserts.
  • Certified for full warranted compatibility with Agilent autosamplers.
  • 2 ml, 12 x 32 mm, 9 mm Ø.
  • Available in unique packaging designed to reduce vial breakage.
  • 40 % larger opening than standard narrow opening vials.
  • Unique thread design for consistently secure seal.
  • Precision-formed neck for optimal robotic arm handling.
  • Rigorous quality assurance for dimensional consistency from lot-to-lot.
  • Optional ceramic write-on spot with fill marks.
2 ml Wide Opening Screw Top Glass Vials  Agilent
DescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Clear with write-on spot10031051820715+24.63Order
Clear with write-on spot100031051832068-223.84Order
Amber with write-on spot100031051832069-237.76Order
Screw caps for 2 ml vials / Agilent Technologies
Certified Microvolume Inserts for Wide Opening Vials / Agilent Technologies