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SICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal

These desiccators have a reinforced aluminium frame, a door with magnetic catch and a circular rubber seal, 2 variable height shelves, a desiccant tray, silica gel and an easy to read electronic hygrometer. The desiccators can be used with up to 13 shelves. The door opens forward.
Technical Data:
Stand:rubber feet
Use:normal pressure
Overall dimensions (W x H x D):525 x 340 x 375 mm
Usable interior space (W x H x D):480 x 260 x 330 mm
Capacity:51 l
Total all-over load:30 kg
SICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal  Bohlender
SICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal  BohlenderSICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal  BohlenderSICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal  BohlenderSICCO Star-Desiccator Horizontal / Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontal  Bohlender  
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Star-Desiccator HorizontalPMMAPMMA- 20 to + 7015429076-797.23Order
Star-Vitrum-Desiccator Horizontalborosilicate 3.3aluminium- 20 to + 15015438375-1,089.00Order