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Accessories for Ultrasonic Homogenisers UP200Ht / UP200St
Hielscher Ultrasonics

Sontrode S26d2:
Ø 2 mm, for samples from approx. 0.15 to 50 ml, approx. 3.1 mm2, approx. length 120 mm, max. amplitude 210 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Sonotrode S26d7:
Ø 7 mm, for samples from approx. 20 to 500 ml, approx. 38.5 mm2, approx. length 95 mm, max. amplitude 175 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Sonotrode S26d14:
Ø 14 mm, for samples from approx. 50 to 1000 ml, approx. 153.9 mm2, approx. length 80 mm, max. amplitude 84 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Sonotrode S26d40:
Ø 40 mm, for samples from approx. 100 to 1000 ml, approx. 12.6 cm2, approx. length 80 mm, max. amplitude 9 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Glass sonotrode S26d26G:
Ø 25 mm, for samples from approx. 50 to 1000 ml, approx. 4.9 cm2, approx. total length 200 mm, approx. length of glass part 100 mm, max. amplitude 20 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Sonotrode S26d7D for flow cell:
Ø 7 mm, approx. 38.5 mm2, with seal for closed systems (2 seal rings Viton 9 x 3 mm), approx. length 95 mm, max. amplitude 175 µm, male thread M6 x 0.75.

Flow cell FC7K:
For sonotrodes (D-type) up to 7 mm, pressurisable up to 5 bar, for approx. 50 to 500 ml / min, with NBR sealing ring (19 x 3.2 mm), hose connection, plastic clamps and hose (2 m).

Glass flow cell FC7KG:
For sonotrodes up to 7 mm (D-type), for approx. 50 to 500 ml / min, pressurisable up to 1 bar, with NBR sealing rings, hose fittings, clamps, hose (2 m) and 4 x GL14 plastic screw cap with plastic hose connection for hose inner Ø 7 to 8 mm.

Block sonotrode S26d11x10VialT:
Only for UP200St, for simultaneous sonication of up to 10 Eppendorf vials, for vials and test tubes of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 ml volume.

Sound protection box SPB-L:
With divisible rod Ø 12 mm, with vertically adjustable table, anti-slip mat, also to use as stand, sound insulation 22 dB (A) open air measurement, dimensions approx. 300 x 358 x 210 mm3 (L x H x W).
Accessories for Ultrasonic Homogenisers UP200Ht / UP200St  Hielscher Ultrasonics
Accessories for Ultrasonic Homogenisers UP200Ht / UP200St  Hielscher UltrasonicsAccessories for Ultrasonic Homogenisers UP200Ht / UP200St  Hielscher Ultrasonics    
TypeMaterialPUOrder No.  Price/Unit/GBP 
Sontrode S26d2titanium15430471- 248.16Order
Sonotrode S26d7titanium15430472- 248.16Order
Sonotrode S26d14titanium15430473- 265.76Order
Sonotrode S26d40titanium15430474- 453.20Order
Sonotrode glass S26d26Gglass and titanium15430475- 932.80Order
Sonotrode S26d7D for flow celltitanium15430476- 382.80Order
Flow cell FC7Kst. steel, with cooling jacket15430477- 668.80Order
Flow cell glass FC7KGglass, with cooling jacket15430478- 396.00Order
Block sonotrode S26d11x10VialTtitanium15430479- 2,358.40Order
Sound protection box SPB-Lall-side acryl glass15430481- 959.20Order