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QuEChERS Dispersive Kits - European Method EN 15662

Prepackaged kits are an easy way to capture the time-saving benefits of QuEChERS sample preparation.
  • No guesswork or measuring.
  • Uniquely packaged extraction kits.
  • Wide selection of dispersive kits.
  • Ceramic homogenisers save 70 % of your time per sample.
QuEChERS Dispersive Kits - European Method EN 15662  Agilent
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
General fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 150 mg MgSO4no10031059825021-129.59Order
General fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 150 mg MgSO4yes10031059825021CH-152.08Order
General fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 900 mg MgSO4no5031059825056+116.74Order
General fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 900 mg MgSO4yes5031059825056CH-138.16Order
Fruits and vegetables with fats and waxes225 mg PSA, 25 mg C18EC, 150 mg MgSO4no10031059825121+131.73Order
Fruits and vegetables with fats and waxes225 mg PSA, 25 mg C18EC, 150 mg MgSO4yes10031059825121CH-153.15Order
Fruits and vegetables with fats and waxes15150 mg PSA, 150 mg C18EC, 900 mg MgSO4no5031059825156+116.74Order
Fruits and vegetables with fats and waxes15150 mg PSA, 150 mg C18EC, 900 mg MgSO4yes5031059825156CH-142.44Order
Pigmented fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 2,5 mg GCB, 150 mg MgSO4no10031059825221+171.36Order
Pigmented fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 2,5 mg GCB, 150 mg MgSO4yes10031059825221CH-202.42Order
Pigmented fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 15 mg GCB, 900 mg MgSO4no5031059825256+141.37Order
Pigmented fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 15 mg GCB, 900 mg MgSO4yes5031059825256CH-163.86Order
Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 7,5 mg GCB, 150 mg MgSO4, 50 mg C18no10031059825321-172.43Order
Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables225 mg PSA, 7,5 mg GCB, 150 mg MgSO4, 50 mg C18yes10031059825321CH-189.57Order
Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 45 mg GCB, 900 mg MgSO4no5031059825356+139.23Order
Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables15150 mg PSA, 45 mg GCB, 900 mg MgSO4yes5031059825356CH-164.93Order