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Microplate Washer Anthos Fluido 2

Flexible microplate washer for 96- or 384 well plates. Wide choice of washing options and programmes providing max. application options. Top-loading instrument which is ideal for both absorbance and luminescence microplate-based assays. The liquid handling and dispensing capability along with software control give optimal washing performance and ease of use.

Both 8- and 12-channel manifolds are available for use with standard ANSI SBS footprint 96 well plates and 16-way manifolds for ANSI SBS footprint 384-well plates. Up to 4 different liquid lines can be used allowing flexible configurations.
  • Auto rinse function preventing liquid path clogging.
  • Automated washer to save time manually washing microplates.
  • Up to 8 cycles can be incorporated into each cycle, plus 20 different wash cycles can be defined (e. g. bottom and overflow washing options, adjustable dispense volume / speed, aspiration speed / time and soak time).
  • Washing procedures can be performed over the whole plate or be limited to a few strips of wells.
  • Efficient washing is achieved by cross-wise aspiration minimising the residual volume in the wells.
  • 3 modes of shaking are available to mix solutions.
  • Vacuum- and pressure-free system with quiet pumps.
  • A number of safety features have been incorporated into the instrument: an emergency stop function will stop the instrument running and prevent damage to the microplate, a hinged transparent plastic shield provides aerosol protection from the samples during washing.
  • Optional liquid level warnings and liquid level sensors.
  • 12-way manifolds are optionally available.
Technical Data:
Plate types:96 well, flat and round bottom, 384 well
Dispensed volumes:50 to 2000 µl in 50 µl increments (8- / 12-way), 50 to 500 µl (16-way)
Parameters programmable:dispensing, aspirating, shaking
Method storage:on-board, 20 cycles and 50 procedures
Serial data interface:9 pin male
Dimensions (W x D x H):28 x 22 x 42 cm
Weight:6.2 kg
Mains supply:90 to 130 V, 180 to 250 V AC (autosensing), 47 / 66 Hz
Microplate Washer Anthos Fluido 2  Biochrom
bottles 2 l
ManifoldsMicroplatesPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Anthos Fluido 2 96 W2218-way96 well1F4250446-on demand 
Anthos Fluido 2 96 W4438-way96 well1F4250447-on demand 
Anthos Fluido 2 384 W2218- and 16-way96 / 384 well1F4250448-on demand 
Anthos Fluido 2 384 W4438- and 16-way96 / 384 well1F4250449-on demand 
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