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Natural bristles and nylon.
Brushes  Reitenspiess
x Ø
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Set of brushes*0 15019002+81.41Order
Pipet brush, goat hair, with loop500100 x 515019010+10.03Order
Syringe brush, bristles dun, with wool top19060 x 1015019020+6.35Order
Test tube brush, bristles dun, with wool top25050 x 1015019030+7.02Order
Test tube brush, bristles dun, with wool top28070 x 1515019035+8.03Order
Test tube brush, bristles dun, with wool top270115 x 3015019040+9.36Order
Erlenmeyer flask and bottle brush, bristles dun, with bundle39085 x 5015019050+13.38Order
Erlenmeyer flask and bottle brush, bristles dun, with bundle470120 x 6315019060+17.73Order
Beaker brush, bristles / nylon, on wooden stick390125 x 85 / 6015019070+24.25Order
Beaker brush, bristles / nylon, on wooden stick430140 x 85 / 6015019080+27.29Order
Beaker brush, horsehair / nylon, with wooden stick430140 x 100 / 8015019090-27.76Order
Beaker brush, horsehair / nylon, with wooden stick630140 x 100 / 8015019092-33.82Order
Burette brush, bristles dun, with cap and loop1000150 x 3015019100+14.59Order
Rinsing brush, nylon, in plastic stick220Ø 60 mm15019110-11.70Order
* Set consists of Order No.: 5019010, 5019020, 5019035, 5019040, 5019050, 5019060, 5019070, 5019080, 5019090, 5019092.