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PumpMaster Canister and Barrel Pumps

The manual pressure pump is ideally suited for drawing off, decanting and emptying canisters and barrels. The hand pump is used to create excess pressure that forces the liquid out of the container. The stopcock also allows extraction of small quantities of liquid. The PumpMaster container pump is mounted on the container using a flexible stopper with a variable and adjustable Ø. No special thread adapters are required. PumpMaster fits all commercial container openings with a Ø from 49.5 to 60 mm. The immersion tube has a length of 95 cm and it can be shortened depending on the size of the container.
  • Complete with 3 bungs in different sizes.
Technical Data:
Pump capacity:approx. 8 l / min
Immersion depth:95 cm
Bürkle  PumpMaster Canister and Barrel Pumps
TypeSealingColourPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PumpMaster for petrochemical liquidsPP / nitrile rubberblue grey15433177-150.37Order
PumpMaster for non-aggressive liquidsPP / EPDMred15433178-150.37Order
PumpMaster for acids and chemical liquidsFKMgreen15433179-210.36Order
Attention: make sure to pay attention to the 'List of Chemical Resistance'.
Discharge hoses for PumpMaster canister and barrel pumps / Bürkle