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Hei-VAP Silver Packages

Standard equipment for the lab.

Items supplied:
Hei-VAP Silver 1 package
  • Hei-VAP Value with hand lift and vertical glassware set G3.
  • Vacuum pump Rotavac Valve Tec.
  • Manual vacuum controller.
  • Tube set.

Hei-VAP Silver 2 package
  • Hei-VAP Value with hand lift and coated vertical glassware set G3B.
  • Vacuum pump Rotavac Valve Control.
  • Manual vacuum controller.
  • Tube set.

Hei-VAP Silver 3 package
  • Hei-VAP Value with hand lift and vertical glassware set G3.
  • Vacuum pump Rotavac Valve Tec.
  • Manual vacuum controller.
  • Chiller RotaChill Small.
  • Tube set.

Hei-VAP Silver 4 package
  • Like Hei-VAP Value Silver 1 package but with Hei-VAP Value Digital.

Hei-VAP Silver 5 package
  • Like Hei-VAP Value Silver 2 package but with Hei-VAP Value Digital.

Hei-VAP Silver 6 package
  • Like Hei-VAP Value Silver 3 package but with Hei-VAP Value Digital.
 Hei-VAP Series Video
Heidolph  Hei-VAP Silver Packages
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Hei-VAP Silver 1 package15433237-on demand 
Hei-VAP Silver 2 package15433238-on demand 
Hei-VAP Silver 3 package15433239-7,565.79Order
Hei-VAP Silver 4 package15439720-5,159.34Order
Hei-VAP Silver 5 package15439721-5,707.63Order
Hei-VAP Silver 6 package15439722-7,608.45Order
Hei-VAP safety upgrade with additional guard hood and coating of glassware is available on request.