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ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) Columns

ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) 1.8 µm.
  • Stability up to 1200 bar for ultimate compatibility with UHPLC instruments.
  • 1,8 µm particles ensure max. resolution and defined separations.
  • Available in 12 phases, incl. Eclipse Plus C18 for excellent peak shapes, ZORBAX StableBond for low pH stability, Bonus-RP, Eclipse PAH, Eclipse Plus Phenyl Hexyl and Extend-C18.
  • Also available in HILIC Plus.
  • Compatibility with any LC device thanks to identic selectivity with 3.5 and 5 µm ZORBAX columns with the same bonded phase.
  • Manufactured with an optimised packaging process and stability up to 1200 bar for ultimate compatibility with UHPLC instruments
  • The RRHD 1.8 µm columns are available in lengths of 50, 100 and 150 mm and ensure high-definition separations of complex samples.
Technical Data:
Pore size:80 Å
Surface area:180 m2 / g
pH range:1.0 to 8.0
Agilent  ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) Columns
Agilent  ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) ColumnsAgilent  ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) ColumnsAgilent  ZORBAX Rapid Resolution High Definition (RRHD) Columns   
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
UHPLC guard, Eclipse Plus C18, USP L13.0 x 51.83310823750901-561.20Order
UHPLC guard, Eclipse Plus C18, USP L12.1 x 51.83310821725901-548.35Order
RRHD Eclipse Plus phenyl hexyl, USP L113.0 x 1001,81310959758312-747.56Order
RRHD Eclipse Plus phenyl hexyl, USP L113.0 x 501,81310959757312-717.57Order
RRHD Eclipse Plus phenyl hexyl, USP L112.1 x 1501.81310959759912-911.42Order
RRHD Eclipse Plus phenyl hexyl, USP L112.1 x 1001.81310959758912-747.56Order
RRHD Eclipse Plus phenyl hexyl, USP L112.1 x 501.81310959757912-717.57Order
RRHD Eclipse PAH, USP L13.0 x 1001.81310959758318-747.56Order
RRHD Eclipse PAH, USP L13.0 x 501.81310959757318-717.57Order
RRHD Eclipse PAH, USP L12.1 x 1501.81310959763918-681.16Order
RRHD Eclipse PAH, USP L12.1 x 1001.81310959764918-721.85Order
RRHD Eclipse PAH, USP L12.1 x 501.81310959741918-631.89Order
UHPLC precolumn, SB-C18, USP L13.0 x 51,83310823750902-557.99Order
UHPLC precolumn, SB-C18, USP L12.1 x 51,83310821725902-557.99Order
UHPLC precolumn, SB-C8, USP L13.0 x 51,83310823750904-557.99Order
UHPLC precolumn, SB-C8, USP L12.1 x 51,83310821725904-557.99Order
RRHD SB-Aq3.0 x 1001.81310858700314-750.77Order
RRHD SB-Aq3.0 x 501.81310857700314-719.71Order
RRHD SB-Aq2.1 x 1501.81310859700914-914.63Order
RRHD SB-Aq2.1 x 1001.81310858700914-750.77Order
RRHD SB-Aq2.1 x 501.81310857700914-719.71Order
Other types and particle sizes are available by request.
ZORBAX RRHD StableBond / Agilent Technologies