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Safety Funnels with Hinged Lid

This compact funnel with lid is optimally suited for restricted space conditions in the laboratory. The hinged lid avoids evaporation of hazardous solvent vapours. With removable sieve to collect magnetic stirrers and residues.
  • Suitable for most common chemicals.
  • With removable sieve for easy cleaning.
  • Funnel Ø 130 mm.
  • Different thread sizes with free rotatable cap.
  • Safety lance ensures clean flow without contaminating the container opening.
  • Length of safety lance 200 mm.
  • Also available without safety lance.
  • Chromatography vials can be disposed completely.
  • Black safety funnels are made of electrostatic conductive PEHD and are supplied with a grounding cable with clamp.
S.C.A.T  Safety Funnels with Hinged Lid
TypeDescriptionColourThreadPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Safety funnel with hinged lidPEHD, electrically conductiveblackGL 451323118962-94.91Order
Safety funnel with hinged lidPEHDwhiteGL 451323118952-79.22Order
XL funnel with click closure*PEHD, electrically conductiveblackGL 451323117633-on demand 
Safety funnel with hinged lidPEHDwhiteS 551323118951-79.22Order
Safety funnel with hinged lidPEHDwhiteS60 / S611323118950-79.22Order
Safety funnel with hinged lidPEHD, electrically conductiveblackS60 / S611323118960-96.74Order
Safety funnel with hinged lid with lancePEHDwhiteS60 / S611323118990-86.81Order
Safety funnel with hinged lid with lancePEHD, electrically conductiveblackS60 / S611323118980-106.44Order
Sieve for safety funnelPEHD--1323118999-39.31Order
Sieve for safety funnelPEHD, electrically conductive--1323118989-44.79Order
Sicherheitstrichter mit KlappdeckelrotS60 / S61-1323107670-111.08Order
Sicherheitstrichter mit Klappdeckelrot2" BSP / 2" Tri-Sure-1323108670-191.86Order
Sicherheitstrichter mit KlappdeckelschwarzS60 / S611801323117634-287.80Order
* Ø of funnel 180 mm.
Available in different connections.
Further thread sizes are available on request.