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Cold Traps with Dewar Flask

For condensing water, solvents or gases in connection with a vacuum pump, for applications in laboratory-, medicinal-, vacuum- and biotechnology.
  • Reliable and easy handling.
  • No stand material for holding the cold trap necessary.
  • Dewar flasks acc. to DIN 12492.
  • Protective casing of Dewar flask made of blue coated metal, aluminium stucco or st. steel.
Technical Data:
Cooling agents:LN2 (approx. - 196 °C)
CO2 (approx. 77 °C) with solvent (CO2 wire basket necessary)
Connectors:KF NW 16
cold trap two-parted with KF NW 50
Material:V2A / 1.4301
Vacuum:up to 10-6 mbar
Pressure:up to 3 bar excess pressure
Dewar flask
Dewar flask type 18 C:borosilicate glass 3.3 ISO 3585 (DURAN®)
pressure-free coolant sphere inside the Dewar flask
Dewar flask type DSS 2000:st. steel
pressure-free coolant sphere inside the Dewar flask
Plastic ring:PE, white, two-parted
KGW  Cold Traps with Dewar Flask
KGW  Cold Traps with Dewar FlaskKGW  Cold Traps with Dewar Flask    
Dewar typeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
KF 54V-K16-Z-18C200160018 C-15433548-784.53Order
KF 54V-K16-Z-DSS20002001200DSS 2000-15433549-962.05Order
KF 54V-K16-Z-18C-CO2200160018 Cwith CO2 wire basket15433550-892.42Order
KF 54V-K16-Z-DSS2000-CO22001200DSS 2000with CO2 wire basket15433551-1,069.94Order
Cooling fingers / KGW