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Thermo Scientific
Benchtop Centrifuges Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 / 8 R

Small benchtop centrifuge, compact footprint. Fits various applications, accommodating multi-laboratory settings with the flexibility to adapt with evolving clinical and research needs. Designed for solid reliability and consistent results. Outstanding capacity in a compact design with a smart, simple interface.
  • One-touch operation with pre-saved protocols and password protection available.
  • Highly visible backlit display for easy reading of parameters across the lab.
  • Optional indicators at end of run, incl. automatic lid opening, flashing display or audible signal.
  • Glove- and detergent-friendly.
  • Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange in less than 3 s: secure push-button application versatility and cleaning convenience.
  • Max. capacity: process 8 x 50 ml conical tubes, 24 x 5 / 7 ml blood tubes, microplates and microtubes.
  • Optional ClickSeal™ biocontainment lid for one-handed, certified sample protection.
  • Manufactured with quality materials providing broad chemical resistance with high strength for durability and reliability.
  • Quiet performance (< 61 dBA) provides a safe, stress-free environment.
  • Conforms to the latest clinical and safety standards, such as UL, CE and IVD.
  • Imbalance detection system: SMARTSpin™.
  • 4 protocols via direct access key, with naming option.
  • With pulse (short) run.
  • 2 acceleration / deceleration rates (standard and soft).
  • Centrifugation chamber made of brushed st. steel.

8 R:
  • Pre-cooling function with direct push of a key: achieves 4 °C in 15 min from ambient 23 °C.
Technical Data:
Max. capacity:4 x 145 ml (with swing bucket rotor)
6 x 50 ml (with fixed angle rotor)
Speed:8 / 8 R: 300 to 4500 min-1 (with swing bucket rotor)
8: 300 to 16000 min-1 (with fixed angle rotor)
8 R: 300 to 17850 min-1 (with fixed angle rotor)
Max. RCF:8 / 8 R: 3260 x g (with swing bucket rotor)
8: 24328 x g (with fixed angle rotor)
8 R: 30279 x g (with fixed angle rotor)
Control system:microprocessor
Drive system:direct, brushless induction motor
Max. timer range:9 h, 99 min and continuous
Mains supply:230 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Max. power consumption:8: 310 W
8 R: 750 W
Dimensions (H x W x D):8: 67 x 37 x 48 cm (lid open)
8: 31 x 37 x 48 cm (lid closed)
8 R: 70 x 46 x 67 cm (lid open)
8 R: 32 x 46 x 67 cm (lid closed)
Temperature:8 R: - 10 to + 40 °C
Thermo Scientific  Benchtop Centrifuges Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 / 8 R
Thermo Scientific  Benchtop Centrifuges Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 / 8 RThermo Scientific  Benchtop Centrifuges Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 / 8 RThermo Scientific  Benchtop Centrifuges Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 / 8 R   
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8without3515433671-2,841.98Order
Heraeus™ Megafuge™ 8 Rwith7115437828-6,700.13Order
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