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BBP™ 33 Label Printer

Completely hassle free, easy to use PC-based printer that can print signs and labels up to 101.6 mm wide. Smart chip supplies automatically set up the label in the software, eliminating manual calibration and label waste.
  • Drop-in ribbon and label cartridges ensure fast and effortless material changes.
  • The printer can print on a full range of safety and facility label materials as well as die cut labels for wire identification, product identification or laboratory identification.
  • Continuous and die cut labels.
  • Single colour.
  • Barcode type: standard, built in; 1D (linear), 2D and 1D (linear).
Technical Data:
Max. labels per day
Wire ID and small OEM labels:
Safety labels:
Larger labels:

600 50.80 x 101.60 mm
Max. label width:101.6 mm
Max. print width:101.6 mm
Print resolution:300 dpi
Power supply:universal
PC connections:USB, ethernet
optionally: Wifi, bluetooth
External printer:yes
System fronts:Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Trechuchet MS, Verdana, Tahoma (all Normal, Bold, Italic)
Dimensions (W x H x D):230.6 x 241.6 x 304.8 mm
Weight:5.3 kg
BRADY®  BBP™ 33 Label Printer
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