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SONOREX DIGIPLUS High-Power Ultrasonic Baths with Power Control

For cleaning of sensitive materials, mixing of samples, homogenising of samples for analysis and fast degassing of solvents for HPLC.
  • Power control from 20 to 100 %.
  • Heating 20 to 80 °C, thermostatically adjustable, LED.
  • Optical signal in case of excess temperature.
  • Automatic short-time ultrasound during heating up period to avoid delay in boiling - switch-off possible.
  • Timer for countdown or continuous operation.
  • DEGAS - quick degassing.
  • SweepTec® - permanent sound field oscillation ensures even and gentle ceaning.
  • Automatical safety shut-down 12 h after last keypress.
  • Marking of filling level for safe dosage.
  • Drain valve for simple emptying, one-piece welded drain bow.
  • Protection class IP 33 at highest possible level through liquid-tight mains, cable and housing front without openings.
Bandelin  SONOREX DIGIPLUS High-Power Ultrasonic Baths with Power Control
TypeInternal tank
dimensions (L x W x D)
Outside dimensions
(L x W x H)
Drain ball
Ultrasonic nominal output
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
DL 102 H240 x 140 x 1003.0260 x 160 x 250G ¼48012014015434394-1,103.86Order
DL 156 BH500 x 140 x 1509.0530 x 165 x 300G ¼86021560015434395-1,536.67Order
DL 255 H300 x 150 x 1505.5325 x 175 x 295G ¼64016028015434396-1,257.84Order
DL 510 H300 x 240 x 1509.7325 x 265 x 305G ½64016040015434397-1,408.70Order
DL 512 H300 x 240 x 20013.0325 x 265 x 350G ½86021540015434398-1,825.90Order
DL 514 BH325 x 300 x 20018.7355 x 325 x 385G ½86021560015434399-1,953.87Order
DL 1028 H500 x 300 x 20028.0535 x 325 x 400G ½1200300130015434400-2,532.33Order