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PowderProof® Mobile Powder- / Granule Sampling

Sampler for powders and granules all-layer samples of bulk goods. PowderProof® is the practically proven professional solution for mobile sampling of powders and granules.

Different lances and augers can be attached to the robust drive unit and swapped without any problems. PowderProof® with lance for horizontal use, such as sampling from sacks, with lance for vertical use, for sampling from open containers such as barrels, drums or bags.
  • Versatile.
  • St. steel V4A (1.4404).
  • Incl. motor 12 V, 2 rechargeable batteries, fast charger, clip for holding the bag and cleaning brush.
Bürkle  PowderProof® Mobile Powder- / Granule Sampling
Bürkle  PowderProof® Mobile Powder- / Granule SamplingBürkle  PowderProof® Mobile Powder- / Granule Sampling    
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
PowderProof® for powders up to 2 mmhorizontal3015434415-1,851.20Order
PowderProof® for powders up to 2 mmvertical6015434416-1,990.91Order
PowderProof® for powders up to 2 mmvertical9015434417-2,084.79Order
PowderProof® for powders up to 2 mmvertical12015434418-2,311.59Order
PowderProof® for granules from 2 up to 4 mmhorizontal3015434419-1,851.20Order
PowderProof® for granules from 2 up to 4 mmvertical6015434420-1,990.91Order
PowderProof® for granules from 2 up to 4 mmvertical9015434421-2,084.79Order
PowderProof® for granules from 2 up to 4 mmvertical12015434422-2,311.59Order