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Thermolyne™ F6030CM-33
Thermo Scientific

Thermolyne™ muffle furnaces offer heating solutions for a number of application needs. From general laboratory use to industrial applications, these furnaces are ideal for fast heat up and temperature control up to 1200 °C.
  • Fast heat up and outstanding energy efficiency.
  • 6 sizes available, ranging from 1.3 to 45 l.
  • Ideal choice for research applications.
  • CE certified.

Muffle furnaces are used by:
  • Waste water treatment plants.
  • Industrial plants.
  • Pharmaceutical companies.
  • Environmental labs.
  • Agriculture labs.
  • Paper manufacturers.
  • Cosmetic labs.

Typical applications:
  • Ashing of organic or inorganic samples.
  • Heat treatment.
  • Determination of volatiles.
  • Chemical analysis.
  • Material testing.

  • A1: digital single setpoint control.
  • B1: digital single setpoint control with single ramp to set point and a dwell; incl. mechanical over temperature protection.
  • C1: digital programmable control with one stored programme of 8 segments; incl. mechanical over temperature protection.
  • D1: digital programmable control with 4 stored programmes, 16 segments per programme; incl. RS232 communications and mechanical over temperature protection.
Small benchtop muffle furnaces:entry level model - temperatures up to 1100 °C
Benchtop muffle furnaces:great for general lab use - temperatures up to 1200 °C
Premium large muffle furnaces:robust design for industrial applications - temperatures up to 1200 °C
Largest tabletop muffle furnaces:accommodates larger samples - temperatures up to 1093 °C
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnaces:ideal for coal and coke ashing - temperatures up to 975 °C
Thermolyne™ F6030CM-33  Thermo Scientific
Temperature stability /
uniformity at 1000 °C
Inside dimension
(W x D x H)
Outside dimensions
(W x D x H)
 ConnectionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Small benchtop1.3± 0.3 / ± 7.8 °C103 x 130 x 98230 x 330 x 360A11060 W, 4.4 A15438844-1,078.00Order
Small benchtop2.1± 0.5 / ± 5.0 °C127 x 152 x 108250 x 400 x 370A11520 W, 6.3 A15438845-1,274.24Order
Benchtop2.0± 0.4 / ± 4.8 °C137 x 150 x 100285 x 390 x 470A11000 W, 4.2 A15438846-2,059.20Order
Benchtop2.0± 0.4 / ± 4.8 °C137 x 150 x 100285 x 390 x 470B11000 W, 4.2 A15438847-2,502.72Order
Benchtop2.0± 0.4 / ± 4.8 °C137 x 150 x 100285 x 390 x 470C11000 W, 4.2 A15438848-2,743.84Order
Benchtop2.0± 0.4 / ± 4.8 °C137 x 150 x 100285 x 390 x 470D11000 W, 4.2 A15438849-3,141.60Order
Benchtop5.8± 0.2 / ± 3.6 °C180 x 250 x 130340 x 500 x 190A11560 W, 6.5 A15438850-2,450.80Order
Benchtop5.8± 0.2 / ± 3.6 °C180 x 250 x 130340 x 500 x 190B11560 W, 6.5 A15438851-2,891.68Order
Benchtop5.8± 0.2 / ± 3.6 °C180 x 250 x 130340 x 500 x 190C11560 W, 6.5 A15438852-3,141.60Order
Benchtop5.8± 0.2 / ± 3.6 °C180 x 250 x 130340 x 500 x 190D11560 W, 6.5 A15438853-3,528.80Order
Premium Large14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180485 x 510 x 530B14400 W, 18.3 A15438854-3,187.36Order
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnace14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180490 x 510 x 533B14400 W, 18.3 A15438855-3,872.00Order
Premium Large14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180485 x 510 x 533B14400 W, 18.3 A15438856-3,431.12Order
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnace14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180485 x 510 x 533C14400 W, 18.3 A15438857-4,117.52Order
Premium Large14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180485 x 510 x 533D14400 W, 18.3 A15438858-3,823.60Order
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnace14± 1.5 / ± 4.5 °C330 x 250 x 180485 x 510 x 533D14400 W, 18.3 A15438859-4,509.12Order
Large tabletop45± 1.2 / ± 3.5 °C360 x 360 x 360546 x 647 x 749B15500 W, 22.9 A15438860-4,117.52Order
Large tabletop45± 1.2 / ± 3.5 °C360 x 360 x 360546 x 647 x 749C15500 W, 22.9 A15438861-5,234.59Order
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnace45± 1.2 / ± 3.5 °C360 x 360 x 360546 x 647 x 749C15500 W, 22.9 A15438862-4,711.52Order
Large tabletop45± 1.2 / ± 3.5 °C360 x 360 x 360546 x 647 x 749D15500 W, 22.9 A15438863-4,852.32Order
Atmosphere controlled ashing furnace45± 1.2 / ± 3.5 °C360 x 360 x 360546 x 647 x 749D15500 W, 22.9 A15438864-5,251.84Order
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