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Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S

The Dispensette® S bottletop dispensers combine innovative ideas with proven technology and makes dispensing safer and convenient.
  • Discharge tube, with or without recirculation valve.
  • Valve system: no additional sealing rings required; this greatly facilitates cleaning and preparations for autoclaving.
  • Simple priming by optimised flow channels.
  • Less dispensing force - especially with large volume instruments.
  • Safe volume setting with internal scalloped track (analog-adjustable instruments).
  • Pivoted screw cap: does not disturb dispensing.
  • Autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • Easy to calibrate and adjust in order to comply with ISO 9001 and GLP guidelines.
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning.
  • Replacable filling and discharge valve with safety bulb (locks when discharge tube is not assembled).
  • The 360° rotatable valve block allows the bottle label to face the user.
  • Telescoping filling tube adjusts easily to different size bottles.
  • DE-M marking.

Available models:

The mechanical volume setting is easy to read and ensures accurate and reproducible volume control. Easy Calibration Technique for calibration adjustment in seconds without tools. A calibration flag indicates changes from factory settings.

Rapid and safe volume setting with internal scalloped track. Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

For standard applications. Simple calibration adjustment with a supplied tool.

Items supplied:
Bottletop dispenser, DE-M marking, with performance certificate, telescoping filling tube, recirculation valve and recirculation tube (optional), mounting tool and adapters of PP.
Wide range of practical applications, ideal for dispensing aggressive reagents, incl. concentrated bases and acids such as H3PO4, H2SO4 (with certain exceptions such as HCl, HNO3, HF etc.), saline solutions, as well as many organic solvents.
  • Red colour-code.
Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S  BRAND
Bottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S  BRANDBottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S  BRANDBottletop Dispensers Dispensette® S  BRAND   
A* ≤ ± %CV** ≤ %Recirculation valvePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Dispensette® S, Digital0.1 to 10.0050.50.1no15438971-325.85Order
Dispensette® S, Digital0.1 to 10.0050.50.1yes15438972-366.64Order
Dispensette® S, Digital0.2 to
Dispensette® S, Digital0.2 to
Dispensette® S, Digital0.5 to
Dispensette® S, Digital0.5 to
Dispensette® S, Digital1 to
Dispensette® S, Digital1 to
Dispensette® S, Digital2.5 to
Dispensette® S, Digital2.5 to
Dispensette® S, Digital5 to 500.20.50.1no15438981-448.10Order
Dispensette® S, Digital5 to 500.20.50.1yes15438982-487.74Order
Dispensette® S, Analog0.1 to
Dispensette® S, Analog0.1 to
Dispensette® S, Analog0.2 to
Dispensette® S, Analog0.2 to
Dispensette® S, Analog0.5 to
Dispensette® S, Analog0.5 to
Dispensette® S, Analog1 to
Dispensette® S, Analog1 to
Dispensette® S, Analog2.5 to
Dispensette® S, Analog2.5 to
Dispensette® S, Analog5 to 501.00.50.1no15438957-405.24Order
Dispensette® S, Analog5 to 501.00.50.1yes15438958-439.57Order
Dispensette® S, Analog10 to 1001.00.50.1no15438959-545.69Order
Dispensette® S, Analog10 to 1001.00.50.1yes15438960-583.04Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed1-0.50.1no15438961-281.95Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed1-0.50.1yes15438962-324.81Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed2-0.50.1no15438963-281.95Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed2-0.50.1yes15438964-324.81Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed5-0.50.1no15438965-281.95Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed5-0.50.1yes15438966-324.81Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed10-0.50.1no15438967-281.95Order
Dispensette® S, Fixed10-0.50.1yes15438968-324.81Order
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