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Industrial Ion Exchange Cartridges DS 7000 to 15000

Specifically for industrial applications. With a particularly high capacity and flow rates of up to 3000 l / h. Made entirely of st. steel.
  • Alternatively with 3/4" hose connection or quick-connect coupling (SK models).
Technical Data:
Water demineraliser:pressure-resistant
St. steel cartridge:pressure-resistant to 10 bar
Pure water quality:0.1 to 20 µS / cm
Max. water temperature:30 °C
Material:st. steel - AISI 316
Industrial Ion Exchange Cartridges DS 7000 to 15000  stakpure
TypeFlow rate
l / h
Ø x H
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Demineralising system DS 700020007000363 x 6005515439396-2,078.72Order
Demineralising system DS 11000250011000363 x 8507015439397-2,367.95Order
Demineralising system DS 15000300015000363 x 11009015439398-2,808.04Order
Demineralising system DS 7000 - SK20007000363 x 6005515439393-2,134.90Order
Demineralising system DS 11000 - SK250011000363 x 8507015439394-2,424.13Order
Demineralising system DS 15000 - SK300015000363 x 11009015439395-2,863.18Order
Capacity for 10° total dissolved solids.
Analogue conductivity meters AC 100 / stakpure
Digital conductivity meters DC 400 / stakpure
Deioniser regeneration / OMNILAB