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Mixing Cylinders, Class A
DWK Life Sciences

Class A. DURAN® mixing cylinders are used for diluting solutions and mixing several components in a given quantity ratio. The tolerances of the measuring and mixing cylinders in relation to the capacity correspond to the accuracy limits under DIN and ISO.

Blue graduation, with main points ring graduation, ergonomic PE stopper and hexagonal base. Certificate of conformity 'H', with batch certificate.

The batch certificates for the mixing cylinders are enclosed with the product and are also available online.
Mixing Cylinders, Class A  DWK Life Sciences
Error limit
± ml
Outer Ø
StopperPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
100.100.215614NS 10 / 1925439183-36.27Order
250.250.519021NS 14 / 2325439184-38.32Order
500.5122225NS 19 / 2625439185-43.26Order
1000.5128729NS 24 / 2925439186-48.38Order
2501236339NS 29 / 3225439187-70.38Order
5002.5539553NS 34 / 3525439188-98.54Order
100051050065NS 45 / 4015439189-86.67Order
2000102054085NS 45 / 4015439190-153.12Order