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KLEENEX® Gel Hand Sanitiser for Electronic Dispensers

An alcohol-based hand sanitiser that meets the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC) and kills (in as little as 30 s) up to 99.999 % of the common bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses that can cause infection or illness.
Ideal for using with touchless electronic skincare dispensers; helping reduce contamination and sanitising hands, without water, in hygiene-critical areas such as healthcare and food processing environments; drying quickly and leaving skin feeling smooth and soft; keeping costs down in areas of heavy use.
  • Colour-free, fragrance-free gel.
  • Cassettes are quick and easy to install, give up to 1846 shots of soap and recyclable (when the pumpás removed).
Kimberly-Clark  KLEENEX® Gel Hand Sanitiser for Electronic Dispensers
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