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Fluid Aspiration Systems Aspir8

Aspir8 fluid aspiration systems are very quiet, space-saving and compact units with an efficient membrane vacuum system from medical technology. All systems of the Aspir8 compact series are available with a foot switch. High-quality technical quick closures allow for a fast change of autoclavable vacuum bottles.

Aspir8 mini L1 / Aspir8 mini VC1
Compact instrument with high quality chemically resistant vacuum technology, ideally suited to gently suck in molecular biology small overhangs, 2 ml tubes are aspirated with pipette tip in about 3 seconds. Complete system with autoclavable 1 liter vacuum collecting bottle and quick coupling on bottle cap; integrated in the housing of st. steel drip tray for the vacuum bottle.
  • Contents: sterile filter, silicone tubing connections and serological pipette.
  • Aspir8 mini VC additionally with automatic vacuum shut-off and hand controller with star-shaped tip holder.

Aspir8 compact L2 / L4
Compact instrument with high quality chemically resistant vacuum technology, extraction 50 ml in about 10 seconds, suitable as under table device. An integrated microprocessor control automatically detects the signals on-off both a button and a foot switch (switching on and off via a foot switch or pushbutton in change). Complete system with autoclavable 2 or 4 liter vacuum flask and quick coupling on bottle caps.
  • Contents: sterile filter, silicone tubing connections, footswitch and serological pipette.

Aspir8 compact VC2 / VC4
Compact instrument with high quality chemically resistant vacuum technology, extraction 50 ml in about 4 seconds. The device can be operated as a double workplace (optional delivery), with automatic vacuum shut by vacuum control and a hand controller with star-shaped tip holder. Allows the user very fast extraction speed, suitable as under table device, an integrated microprocessor control automatically detects the signals on-off both a button and a foot switch (optional delivery).
  • Contents: sterile filter, silicone hose connections and hand controller with serological pipette.

Aspir8 compact VCF4
Tabletop unit with high-quality chemical-resistant vacuum technology, extraction 50 ml in about 4 seconds. The device can be operated as a double workplace (optional delivery), in addition to VC4 equipped with a continuously variable vacuum control and a non-contact level measurement, thereby offering the utmost comfort and ease. The user can adjust the vacuum level continuously, when reaching the max. level there is a visual and audible signaling. The operation can be terminated by the operator before the vacuum bottle must be replaced or emptied.

Aspir8 basic L2 / L4
Provided for connection to a central vacuum supply. Complete system with autoclavable 2 or 4 liter vacuum flask and quick coupling on bottle cap, integrated stainless steel drip tray for the vacuum bottle.
  • Contents: sterile filter, silicone hose connections and hand controller with serological pipette.
CellMedia  Fluid Aspiration Systems Aspir8
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PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Aspir8 mini L1-1 l15439421-598.23Order
Aspir8 mini VC1with vacuum and hand controller1 l15439422-716.84Order
Aspir8 compact L2with foot switch2 l16375407-723.08Order
Aspir8 compact L4with foot switch4 l16370859-789.66Order
Aspir8 compact VC2with vacuum and hand controller2 l15439414-951.97Order
Aspir8 compact VC4with vacuum and hand controller4 l16009015-1,185.02Order
Aspir8 compact VCF4with vacuum / hand controller, level monitoring4 l15439423-1,544.99Order
Aspir8 basic L2with hand controller2 l15439424-660.65Order
Aspir8 basic L4with hand controller4 l15439425-706.43Order
Aspir8 spider L2- 15439419-395.35Order
Aspir8 spider L4- 15439420-410.96Order
Accessories for fluid aspiration systems Aspir8 / CellMedia