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Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette

The titrating burette with splinter protection is a fast acting burette with Schellbach stripes based on Dr. Schilling's design with automatic zero point extraction and Bürkle dosing armature.

The glass burette has a plastic sheathing which increases resistance to breaking and protects against splinters. The possibility of the burette breaking is much lower than with a conventional burette, and if it does break, there will be no dangerous splinters.

The dosing armature allows for precise dosing and exact fine titration with the press button or micro-screw and precise discharge through the discharge jet.
  • Burette with splinter-proof sheathing.
  • Adjusted to Ex.
  • Burette made of borosilicate glass 3.3.
  • Shatter-proof, resistant to chemicals.
  • Sturdy stand.
  • Precise discharge jet, allowing very fine drops.
  • Parts in contact with medium: PE, PP, natural rubber, borosilicate glass.
 Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette Video
Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette  Bürkle
Splinter-Proof Titrating Burette  BürkleSplinter-Proof Titrating Burette  BürkleSplinter-Proof Titrating Burette  Bürkle   
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