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Process Chemicals ProCare Lab

Customised process chemicals for analytically pure processing of laboratory glass and equipment. For analytically pure processing results, optimal value preservation and fast recovery of glasses.

The ProCare Lab process chemicals are suitable for various applications and remove soilings in washer-disinfectors without leaving any residues. The processed labware is cleaned gently. The different chemicals are colour-coded to avoid confusion. Also large quantities of wash-ware are processed fast and accurately.
Process Chemicals ProCare Lab  Miele
Process Chemicals ProCare Lab  MieleProcess Chemicals ProCare Lab  MieleProcess Chemicals ProCare Lab  MieleProcess Chemicals ProCare Lab  Miele  
TypeDescriptionContentsPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
ProCare Lab 30 Cacidic neutralising agent, citric acid based, liquid5 l15439487-on demand 
ProCare Lab 30 Cacidic neutralising agent, citric acid based, liquid10 l15439488-on demand 
ProCare Universal 61coarse special salt6 kg15439491-on demand