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Ultrapure Water System arium® mini

  • Reliable: consistently delivers the highest water quality for absolutely reproducible results.
  • Efficient: easy-to-exchange bag saves the effort and cost of cleaning the tank.
  • Intuitive: error-free operation using the colour touch-activated display - even while wearing gloves.
  • Compact: slender design with a width of only 28 cm to fit easily in any lab space.
  • Installation as bench-top unit.
Manually filled with pre-treated water. For production of ASTM type 1 ultra-pure water.
Technical Data:
Water dispensing flow rate:up to 1.0 l / min
Volume controlled output:50 ml steps, between 0.05 and 5 l
Volume accuracy:± 3 % in the range of 0.25 and 5 l
Typical conductivity:0.055 µS / cm compensated to 25 °C
Typical resistivity:18.2 MΩ x cm compensated to 25 °C
TOC content (system with UV lamp):< 5 ppb
Microorganism content:< 1 CFU / 1000 ml
Particle content:< 1 / ml
Ultrapure Water System arium® mini  Sartorius
Ultrapure Water System arium® mini  SartoriusUltrapure Water System arium® mini  Sartorius    
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arium® miniwater purification system15439626-2,613.60Order
Accessories for ultrapure water systems arium mini / mini plus / Sartorius