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Digital Min / Max Alarm Thermometers Type 13000
Ludwig Schneider

Bottle thermometers are precise instruments to monitor cooling and tempering devices in laboratories, medical technology, science and research. They consist of a thermometer in an unbreakable plastic bottle filled with a special medium. To ensure accurate measurement results by opened devices, this special medium lends the necessary inertia.
  • Traceable to international standards.
  • Incl. certificate of conformance and accuracy.
  • Breakage protected PETG plastic bottles.
  • Magnetic holder for space-saving wall or door fixing.
  • Optional with safety coating available.
  • Optional with works calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration certificate available.
To monitor cooling and tempering devices in laboratories, medical technology, science and research.
  • Traceable to international standards.
  • Incl. certificate of conformance and accuracy.
  • Complete with breakage protected PETG plastic bottles incl. magnetic holder for space-saving wall or door fixing.
  • Optional with works calibration certificate or a DAkkS calibration certificate available.
  • Version with bottle (30 ml).
Technical Data:
Measuring range:- 50 to + 70 °C
Accuracy:± 0.5 °C at certified temperatur
Resolution:0.1 °C
Ambient temperature:0 to + 50 °C
Casing:98 x 110 x 21 mm, plastic, black
Cable length:3 m
Response time:T90 = 10 s
Features:°C / °F-selection, min / max memory, hi / low-alarm
Digital Min / Max Alarm Thermometers Type 13000  Ludwig Schneider
Digital Min / Max Alarm Thermometers Type 13000  Ludwig SchneiderDigital Min / Max Alarm Thermometers Type 13000  Ludwig Schneider    
Bottle fillingPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Freezers- 20ethylene glycol-mixture15439747-63.30Order
Ice point0ethylene glycol-mixture15439748-63.30Order
Refrigerators+ 4ethylene glycol-mixture15439749-63.30Order
Incubator / water baths+ 37ethylene glycol-mixture15439750-63.30Order
Ambient / room+ 21ethylene glycol-mixture15439751-63.30Order