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Sensor Cables

For connecting pH sensors with or without integrated temperature probe (S7 head). 'Multi-Pin': compatible with all electrodes with temprature probe resp. ISM® electrodes.
electrode head
PlugPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
InLab® cable MultiPin-BNC / RCA1.2Multi-Pin™BNC + RCA (Cinch)15439762+80.70Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-BNC / RCA3Multi-Pin™BNC + RCA (Cinch)15439763-101.64Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-BNC / RCA5Multi-Pin™BNC + RCA (Cinch)15439764-123.20Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-BNC / 4 mm1.2Multi-Pin™BNC + 4 mm banana15439765-80.70Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-DIN / RCA1.2Multi-Pin™DIN 19262 + RCA (Cinch)15439766-79.90Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-DIN / 4 m1.2Multi-Pin™DIN 19262 + 4 mm banana15439767-80.70Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-Lemo 00 / 2 x 4 mm1.2Multi-Pin™Lemo 00 + 2 x 4 mm banana15439768-143.88Order
InLab® cable MultiPin-BNC / RCA IP671.8Multi-Pin™BNC IP67 + RCA (Cinch) IP6715439769-91.96Order
InLab® cable S7-BNC1.2S7BNC15439770-37.58Order
InLab® cable S7-BNC3S7BNC15439771-55.79Order
InLab® cable S7-BNC5S7BNC15439772-69.61Order
InLab® cable S7-BNC IP671.2S7BNC IP6715439773-41.54Order
InLab® cable S7-DIN1.2S7DIN 1926215439774+41.89Order
InLab® cable S7-DIN3S7DIN 1926215439775-62.74Order
InLab® cable S7-DIN5S7DIN 1926215439776-82.10Order
InLab® cable S7-4 mm1.2S74 mm banana15439777-41.54Order
InLab® cable S7-2 mm1.2S72 mm banana15439778-41.54Order
InLab® cable S7-RCA1.2S7RCA (Cinch)15439779-40.66Order
InLab® cable S7-Lemo 001.2S7Lemo 0015439780-100.76Order
InLab® cable S73S7no connector15439781-49.37Order
InLab® cable S75S7no connector15439782-69.61Order
InLab® cable S710S7no connector15439783-98.56Order
Further cables are available in the OMNILAB e-Shop.