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IDS pH Electrodes for Special Applications

For all digital MultiLine® IDS and inoLab® Multi IDS, connection cable 1.5 m with waterproof digital plug, memory for 10 calibration records, accuracy refers to measurement electronics, temperature sensor NTC 30 kOhms. Also available with plug head for wireless modules or cable AS/IDS-x.

SenTix® 945
Universal application and fast response, a perfect gel electrode for the lab. Fast and precise response by 3 ceramic junctions. Low maintenance over the whole life span. Easy to clean because of glass shaft.

SenTix® Micro 900
A slender solution for small measurement problems. Easy measurement in small vessels or small sample volumes with extra-long, thin shaft. Fast stable readings by platinum junction. Exact results with built-in temperature sensor.

SenTix® Sp-T 900
No resist against a sharp spear. Easy measurement of semi-solid samples. Insensitive against pollutions and easy to clean thanks to hole junction and polymer electrolyte. Exact results with built-in temperature sensor.

SenTix® HW-T 900
Extraordinary samples require outstanding pH electrodes. Measurement of difficult samples with adjustable split ring junction. Low maintenance by large electrolyte reservoir. Exact results with built-in temperature sensor.
WTW  IDS pH Electrodes for Special Applications
WTW  IDS pH Electrodes for Special ApplicationsWTW  IDS pH Electrodes for Special Applications    
TypeMeas. range
Temperature range
VersionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
SenTix® 9450.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with fixed cable15439821-274.67Order
SenTix® 945-P0.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with plug head15439822-274.67Order
SenTix® Micro 9000.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with fixed cable15439823-456.74Order
SenTix® Micro 900-P0.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with plug head15439824-456.74Order
SenTix® Sp-T 9000.000 to 13.0000.0 to 60.0with fixed cable15439825-331.89Order
SenTix® Sp-T 900-P0.000 to 13.0000.0 to 60.0with plug head15439826-331.89Order
SenTix® HW-T 9000.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with fixed cable16009079-286.11Order
SenTix® HW-T 900-P0.000 to 14.0000.0 to 80.0with plug head15439827-286.11Order
Measuring range ± 0.002 pH.
Temperature range ± 0.2 °C.