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Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protec Plus

Surgical masks, disposable.
  • Compliant with EN 14683 type II.
  • 3-ply.
  • No irritation from threads or loosening of the stitching thanks to ultrasonic sealing, latex and glass fiber free.
  • Thanks to the reinforced nosepiece and the extra-long straps, this mask fits the face perfectly.

For standard and long-term use and all operating room applications, ward use for the protection of both users and patients. A high level of comfort is guaranteed, even after prolonged use.
High-filtering surgical mask - its inner layer is made from special materials that occur in nature and which effectively prevent the user from breathing in fluff and stop the pores of the skin becoming blocked, thereby practically eliminating skin irritation.

The outer layer, the bacteria filter and the inner layer, made from a very light and yet sturdy material, offer a high level of breathability. The inner layer is kept away from the mouth area thanks to an anti-static effect. A glass-free bacteria filter based on PP with a bacteria filter efficiency of > 99 % ensures above average protection compared with usual standard surgical mask filters, thanks to its filter particle size of 0.1 µm.
Meditrade®  Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protec Plus
Meditrade®  Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protec PlusMeditrade®  Surgical masks Suavel Comfort Plus / Protec Plus    
DescriptionColourVersionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Suavel® Comfort Plusbluefor tying6005439909+67.93Order
Suavel® Comfort Plusgreenfor tying6005439910+on demand 
Suavel® Protec Plusgreenwith elastic ear loops505439911+5.66Order
Further Surgical masks Suavel are available on request.