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Thermo Scientific
Multimode Microplate Reader Varioskan™ LUX

Varioskan™ LUX was developed for users with varied requirements. It offers different functions which help to save time and avoid mistakes in the laboratory. One of them is the automatic dynamic range selection, which adjusts the optimal reading range based on signal intensities, as well as intelligent self-diagnostics systems, which recognise possible errors and warn the user in order to avoid affecting the results.
Varioskan™ LUX is a modular, upgradable system for customisation of research needs:
  • Up to 5 measurement technologies: absorbance (UV-Vis, incl. pathlength correction), fluorescence intensity (incl. FRET), luminescence (direct and filtered, incl. BRET), AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA, time-resolved fluorescence (incl. TR-FRET, hTRF).
  • Depending on the measurement technology, Varioskan™ LUX selects the optimal wavelength using filters or monochromators.
  • Spectral scanning for assay optimisation.
  • Five measurement modes: end-point, kinetic, spectra, multipoint and kinetic spectra.
  • Integrated gas module for atmospheric control of CO2 and O2 for cell-based assays.
  • Simultaneous dispensing and measurement for follow-up of fast reactions right from the reaction start.
  • Automatic dynamic range selects optimal reading range based on signal intensity.
  • Smart safety controls help protect instrument and samples from user error.
  • Autocalibration and self-diagnostics for confidence in results.
  • Can be equipped with up to 2 onboard dispensers, allowing for easy and accurate reagent addition.

Paired with Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ software for intuitive instrument control and easy data handling:
  • No limit on the number of licenses; install the software on as many computers as needed.
  • Intuitive user-interface simplifies measurement setup.
  • Virtual pipette™ tool makes it easy to define samples to plate layout.
  • Measurement data continuously saved to the database; helps to prevent data loss due to interruptions such as power outage or accidental aborting.
  • Manual or automatic data export to any location.
  • Several file formats for data export: *.xlsx, *.pdf, *.xml and *.txt.
  • Measurement technologies: absorbance and fluorescence intensity as standard, optional time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, AlphaScreen.
  • Further options: up to 2 dispensers, integrated gas module.
Technical Data:
Dimensions (W x D x H):

53 x 58 x 51 cm
54 to 59 kg, depending on configuration
Incubator and shaker
Temperature range:
Shaking type:

ambient temperature + 4 to 45 °C
Integrated gas module
CO2 concentration range:
O2 concentration range:

0.1 to 15 %
1 to 21 %
Plate types:

6 to 384 well plates
Wavelenght selection:
Wavelenght range:
double monochromators
200 to 1000 nm
Fluorescence intensity
Plate types:
Wavelenght selection:

6 to 1536 well plates
double excitation and emission monochromators
Excitation wavelenght range:
Emission wavelenght range:
200 to 1000 nm
270 to 840 nm
Time-resolved fluorescence
Plate types:
Wavelenght selection:

6 to 1536 well plates
filters (spectral scanning with double excitation and emission monochromators)
Excitation wavelenght range:
Emission wavelenght range:
334 nm (spectral scanning 200 to 840 nm)
400 to 700 nm (spectral scanning 270 to 840 nm)
Plate types:

6 to 1536 well plates (spectral scanning 6 to 384 well plates)
Wavelenght selection:direct or filters (spectral scanning with double monochromators)
Wavelenght range:
360 nm to 670 nm
Plate types:
Wavelenght selection:
Excitation wavelenght range:
6 to 1536 well plates
fixed to 680 nm
Emission wavelenght range:
Plate types:
400 to 660 nm

6 to 384 well plates
No. of dispensers:
Syringe size:
Dispensing volume
0, 1 or 2
1 ml (Standard), 5 ml (optional)
2 to 5000 µl in 1 µl increments (1 ml syringe)
5 to 25000 µl in 5 µl increments (5 ml)\p
Thermo Scientific  Multimode Microplate Reader Varioskan™ LUX
Thermo Scientific  Multimode Microplate Reader Varioskan™ LUXThermo Scientific  Multimode Microplate Reader Varioskan™ LUX    
TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Varioskan™ LUXabsorbance and fluorescence (top reading)15439924-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUXabsorbance and fluorescence (top & bottom reading)15442644-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 1 dispenserabsorbance, fluorescence (top reading), luminescence15442645-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 1 dispenserabsorbance, fluorescence (top & bottom reading), luminescence15442646-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 2 dispensersabsorbance, fluorescence (top reading), luminescence15442647-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 2 dispensersabsorbance, fluorescence (top & bottom reading), luminescence15442648-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 2 dispensersabsorbance, fluorescence (top & bottom reading), luminescence, AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA, time-resolved fluores15442649-on demand 
Integrated gas moduleinstalled in our factory - please, order if required15442650-on demand 
Varioskan™ LUX, incl. 2 dispensersabsorbance, fluorescence (top & bottom reading), luminescence, AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA, time-resolved fluores15445475-on demand 
Further models are available on request.