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Thermo Scientific
Options for Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers - TSX Series

TypeDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Option LN2 backup systemkeeps the temperature constant at - 80 °C with liquid nitrogen15439926-2,969.73Order
Option CO2 backup systemkeeps the temperature constant at - 67 °C16712248-2,969.73Order
Option chart recorder (inkless)seven day inkless recorder (15.2 cm), - 115 to + 50°C, + 5°C resolution15439927-2,369.97Order
Option chart recorder (ink)seven day ink recorder (15.2 cm), - 100 to + 38°C, + 2°C resolution15439928-2,369.97Order
Option card access controlincl. five key cards, supports ISO15693 and ISO14443 protocols RAC34567, 5 shelf15439929-1.99Order
Option st. steel freezer interior-16372598-544.43Order
Option special plug Switzerland-15439930-on demand