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Accessories for CO2 Resistant Shaker
Thermo Scientific

Accessories for CO2 Resistant Shaker  Thermo Scientific
Accessories for CO2 Resistant Shaker  Thermo ScientificAccessories for CO2 Resistant Shaker  Thermo Scientific    
TypePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Clamp for 50 ml flasks15439938-7.74Order
Clamp for 100 ml flasks15439939-8.54Order
Clamp for 150 ml flasks15439940-10.91Order
Clamp for 200 ml flasks15439941-12.85Order
Clamp for 250 ml flasks15439942-12.41Order
Clamp for 500 ml flasks15439943-19.27Order
Clamp for 1000 ml flasks15439944-32.74Order
Clamp for 2000 ml flasks15439945-47.96Order
Clamp for 3000 ml flasks15439946-59.93Order
Clamp for 5000 ml flasks15439947-79.73Order
Clamp for 500 ml infusion bottle15439948-24.11Order
Clamp for 1000 ml infusion bottle15439949-37.22Order
Funnel clamp15439950-159.28Order
Fixed tube rack, 40 x 14 mm Ø15439951-59.93Order
Fixed tube rack, 40 x 16 mm Ø15439952-59.93Order
Adjustable tube rack, 40 x 14 mm Ø15439953-76.65Order
Adjustable tube rack, 40 x 16 mm Ø15439954-76.65Order
Universal aluminium platform16378472-143.44Order
Rubber mat platform16378473-59.93Order
96-well microplate holder15439955-19.98Order
Spring wire rack15439956-131.12Order
Sticky mat 140 x 140 mm15439957-27.98Order
Flask clamp starter kit: 2 x 100 ml, 4 x 250 ml, 4 x 500 ml, 2 x 1 l and 2 x 2 l flask clamps15439958-182.16Order