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Short Thread Vials ND 9, Wide Opening, Thread 9 mm

The bottles are preferred instruments used by following manufacturers: Agilent, HTA, Shimadzu, Thermo Scientific, Varian, Waters® etc.
Thread:9 mm
Dimensions:32 x 11.6 mm
Hydrolytic class:1
Short Thread Vials ND 9, Wide Opening, Thread 9 mm  La-Pha-Pack®
MaterialPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Short thread bottle-1.5clear glass100035011090500+on demand 
Short thread bottlewith text and mark area1.5clear glass100035011090519+on demand 
Short thread bottlewith text and mark area1.5brown glass100035011090520-on demand 
Short thread bottleSureStop™ with overspeeding protection1.5clear glass100035011092746-on demand 
Short thread bottlewith text and mark area, SureStop™ with overspeeding protection1.5clear glass100035011092747-on demand 
Short thread bottlewith text and mark area, SureStop™ with overspeeding protection1.5brown glass100035011092748-on demand 
Short thread bottlewith integrated 0.2 ml micro application, inscription pad and filling1.5clear glass100035011090999-on demand 
Short thread bottlewith integrated 0.2 ml micro application, inscription pad and filling1.5brown glass100035011091957-on demand 
Short thread bottlewith integrated micro-insert, "Base bonded"1.5clear glass100035011092357-on demand 
Microliter short thread bottle-1.1clear glass100035011090620-on demand 
Total microliter short thread bottleresidual volume < 1 μl0.9clear glass100035011092275-on demand 
TPX short thread bottlewith integrated 0.2 ml glass micro insert1.5clear glass100035011141189-on demand 
Micro inserts for vials with wide opening ND9 / ND10 / ND11 / La-Pha-Pack
PP screw caps ND9, with mounted septum and UltraBond ND9 / La-Pha-Pack