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InLab® Specialists for Specific Samples

  • Robust and reliable: deep application know-how, high technology, production and quality standards 'made in Switzerland'.
  • Easy use - plug & measure: everything you need is incl. with every electrode (storage cap, tutorial videos etc.).
  • Secure and independent thanks to the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®).
  • Compatible with all pH meters (independently from the manufacturer, please note connections / temperature sensors).
Suitable for e. g. cheese, meat, cosmetics, milk, surfaces, ion-deficient samples, HF etc.
InLab® Specialists for Specific Samples  METTLER TOLEDO
TypepH rangeTemperature range
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
InLab® Solids (for spear tip measurements)1 to 110 to 8025S7without15041427-239.36Order
InLab® Cool (for cool samples)1 to 11- 30 to 80120S7without15041428-227.04Order
InLab® Surface (for surfaces)1 to 110 to 50110S7without15041461-201.52Order
InLab® Pure Pro-ISM1 to 110 to 80170MultiPin™ headNTC 30 k0hm15427769-366.96Order
InLab® Solids Pro-ISM1 to 110 to 8025MultiPin™ headNTC 30 k0hm15427771-320.32Order
InLab® Viscous (for gluey media, cosmetics)0 to 140 to 10040S7without15429891-326.48Order
InLab® Viscous Pro-ISM (for gluey media, cosmetics)0 to 140 to 13040MultiPinNTC30 kOhm15429892-432.08Order
InLab® Hydrofluoric (for hydrofluoric acid)1 to 110 to 100120S7without15429896-249.04Order
InLab® Surface Pro-ISM1 to 110 to 50120MultiPinNTC30 kOhm15439837-300.08Order
InLab® Pure1 to 110 to 80120S7without15439838-229.68Order
InLab® Cool Pro-ISM1 to 11- 30 to + 80120MultiPinNTC30 kOhm15439839-308.00Order
InLab® Water Go1 to 110 to 801201.8 m BNC (IP67) / RCA (Cinch)NTC30 kOhm15439840-290.40Order
InLab® Smart Pro-ISM0 to 140 to 130120K8SDNTC30 kOhm15442836-651.20Order
InLab® Solids Go-ISM1 to 110 to 80251.8 m BNC (IP67) / RCA (Cinch)NTC30 kOhm16357524-320.32Order
InLab® Dairy0 to 120 to 100120S7without16373924-255.20Order
InLab® Flow1 to 110 to 8040S7without19041676-264.00Order