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Cryo-Racks for Freezer Chests

For the storing of cryo boxes in freezer chests. St. steel.
  • Polished surfaces for perfect cleaning.
  • Robust construction.
  • Handles for convenient transport.
  • Rack dimensions (L x W): 140 x 140 mm.
  • Suitable for all cryo boxes 130 x 130, 133 x 133 and 136 x 136 mm.
Cryo-Racks for Freezer Chests  ratiolab®
Cryo-Racks for Freezer Chests  ratiolab®Cryo-Racks for Freezer Chests  ratiolab®    
No. of shelves
horizontal x vertical
ForPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
1 x 422250 mm boxes15442895-72.83Order
1 x 648275 mm boxes15442896-81.15Order
1 x 738550 mm boxes15442897-74.91Order
1 x 756175 mm boxes15442898-75.95Order
1 x 844150 mm boxes15442904-107.16Order
1 x 864175 mm boxes15442899-87.39Order
1 x 949550 mm boxes15442900-82.19Order
1 x 972075 mm boxes15442901-88.43Order
1 x 1055050 mm boxes15442902-85.31Order
1 x 1140632 mm boxes15442903-76.99Order
1 x 1160450 mm boxes16333669-76.99Order
1 x 1244332 mm boxes15442905-110.28Order
1 x 1265950 mm boxes15442906-79.07Order
1 x 1347932 mm boxes15442907-113.40Order
1 x 1371350 mm boxes15442908-89.47Order
Cryo racks can be supplied with shelf sizes for any standard cryo boxes. Other sizes available on request.