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Spectra / Por® Float-A-Lyzer®

Ready-to-use laboratory dialysis devices.

Featuring proprietary ultra-pure biotech cellulose ester (CE) membrane. Perfect for dialysing electro-eluted proteins or chromatography fractions.
  • 95 to 98 % sample recovery.
  • Highest membrane purity.
  • Superior handling and leak prevention.
  • Volume specific dilution control.
  • PP screw-on cap: open and close for in-process sampling; colour-coded for MWCO.
  • Silicone O-ring: leak proof and resealable.
  • PE floatation ring: device body inserts through center to maintain buoyancy in buffer.
  • Sample loading: disposable pipette for 5 and 10 ml (included).
  • Pipette tip for 1 ml (not included).
  • Package: dry with glycerol.
Technical Data:
Membrane Ø:10 mm
Top piece Ø:23 mm
Flotation ring:38 mm
Top / bottom piece:PC
Kleinfeld  Spectra / Por® Float-A-Lyzer®
Kleinfeld  Spectra / Por® Float-A-Lyzer®Kleinfeld  Spectra / Por® Float-A-Lyzer®    
Colour CodeMWCOSample volumeWorking volume
PUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Green0.1 to 0.5 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443064-119.95Order
Orange0.5 to 1 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443065-119.95Order
Black3.5 to 5 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443066-119.95Order
Yellow8 to 10 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443067-119.95Order
Red20 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443068-119.95Order
Violet50 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443069-119.95Order
Blue100 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443070-119.95Order
Amber300 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443071-137.09Order
Pink1000 kDmax. 1 ml0.8 to 1.350125443072-119.95Order
Green0.1 to 0.5 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443073-131.73Order
Orange0.5 to 1 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443074-131.73Order
Black3.5 to 5 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443075-131.73Order
Yellow8 to 10 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443076-131.73Order
Red20 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443077-131.73Order
Violet50 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443078-131.73Order
Blue100 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443079-131.73Order
Amber300 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443080-131.73Order
Pink1000 kDmax. 5 ml4.0 to 5.5100125443081-131.73Order
Green0.1 to 0.5 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443082-134.95Order
Orange0.5 to 1 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443083-134.95Order
Black3.5 bis 5 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443084-134.95Order
Yellow8 to 10 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443085-134.95Order
Red20 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443086-134.95Order
Violet50 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443087-134.95Order
Blue100 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443088-134.95Order
Amber300 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443089-134.95Order
Pink1000 kDmax. 10 ml8.0 to 11.0160125443090-134.95Order