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Alex Davis, Managing DirectorAlex Davis, Managing Director
Repligen Europe (Spectrum Europe) 

Spectra / Por® microFloat-A-Lyzer®

Ready-to-use laboratory dialysis devices.

Providing ultimate convenience, this preassembled device incorporates Spectrum's ultrapure biotech grade cellulose ester (CE) tubular membrane into an easy-to-use design making laboroatory microdialysis easier than ever.
  • Easy syringe loading (no needle).
  • Total sample recovery.
  • Ultrapure biotech CE (no cleaning).
  • Largest range of MWCO's.
  • Maximises SA and minimises hold-up volume.
  • PP luer-lock cap: open and close for in-process sampling; colour-coded for MWCO; leak proof and re-sealable.
  • PC body piece: seals top / bottom ends of membrane; buoyant and self-orienting.
  • Membrane: ultra-pure with 2 volume specific sizes.
  • Potting: PU.
  • Sample loading: 1 ml syringe (included).
Technical Data:
Width:4.5 cm
Thickness:1.9 cm
Membrane flat width:10 mm
Membrane Ø:6.4 mm
Spectra / Por® microFloat-A-Lyzer®  Kleinfeld
Spectra / Por® microFloat-A-Lyzer®  KleinfeldSpectra / Por® microFloat-A-Lyzer®  Kleinfeld    
Colour CodeMWCOVolume
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