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Starter Set pH- / Temperature Measuring Instrument testo 206-pH1

All in one package: with the testo 206-pH1 starter set, you will be ideally equipped to measure the pH and temperature in liquids (e. g. in drinking and heating water). Ideal for measuring the pH value of liquids.

The pH probe is ideal for measurements in liquids. The temperature sensor ensures precise, fast temperature compensation and therefore precise pH measurement. The pH probe is maintenance-free, leak-proof and insensitive to dirt thanks to the gel electrolyte in the probe. The dual wall diaphragm of the pH probe guarantees quick, reliable pH measurement.
  • Simultaneous display of pH value and temperature on the clear display.
  • Automatic final value recognition (auto hold): the reading is automatically held once it is stable.
  • The measuring instrument enables 1-, 2-, or 3-point calibration.
  • Temperature measurement is feasible thanks to the integrated temperature probe.
  • The TopSafe protective case ensures that the pH / temperature measuring instrument is robust and waterproof.
  • 2 years warranty.

Items supplied:
pH- / temperature measuring instrument testo 206 pH1 with pH1 probe for liquid media, storage cap with gel, 2 calibration dosing bottles, each 250 ml, pH 4.01 and 7, TopSafe protective case, belt / wall bracket, aluminium case.
Technical Data:
Housing:ABS with TopSafe, protection type IP68
Battery type:
Battery life:
1 x CR2032
80 h (auto off 10 min)
Display type:
Number of channels:
LCD, 2 lines
Measuring rate:
Temperature compensation:
2 measurements / s
Storage temperature:
- 20 to + 70 °C
69 g
Operating temperature:
197 x 33 x 20 mm
0 to 60 °C
Temperature - NTC
Measuring range:

0 to 60 °C (short-term to 80 °C max. 5 min)
± 0.4 °C
0.1 °C
pH measurement
Measuring range:

0 to 60 pH
± 0.02 pH
0.01 °pH
Starter Set pH- / Temperature Measuring Instrument testo 206-pH1  testo
Starter Set pH- / Temperature Measuring Instrument testo 206-pH1  testoStarter Set pH- / Temperature Measuring Instrument testo 206-pH1  testo    
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