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Tubes® 5.0 mL with Snap- / Screw Cap

Choose your optimal Eppendorf Tube 5.0 mL for your requirements in the lab. Suitable for centrifugation, incubation, storage or other applications - the Eppendorf 5.0 mL system offers the ideal solution for sample processing in the lower and middle volume range.
  • Sterile, PCR-clean (free of human DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR-inhibitors) and pyrogen-free.
  • Forensic DNA Grade acc. to ISO 18385.
Tubes® 5.0 mL with Snap- / Screw Cap  Eppendorf
TypeDescriptionPurity gradePUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith snap capEppendorf Quality™2005434768+33.62Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith screw capEppendorf Quality™2005443251+42.50Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith screw capEppendorf Quality™, amber (light protection)2005434797-42.94Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith screw capForensic DNA Grade2005444552-55.70Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith snap capForensic DNA Grade2005444549-42.77Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith screw capsterile, pyrogen-, DNase-, RNase- and DNA-free2005443253-54.74Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith snap capBiopur®, induvidually packed505434257+41.62Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith screw capPCR clean2005443252-49.10Order
Eppendorf Tubes® 5.0 mLwith snap capsterile2005434769+41.62Order