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Multi-Parameter Meters inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS / Multi 9630 IDS

Wireless ready benchtops for challenging applications. 2 digital inoLab® multi-parameter instruments for IDS sensors for simultaneous measurement of equal or different parameters and sensors. 2 (inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS) or 3 sensors (inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS) can be connected.
  • Secure measurement data.
  • Digital sensor recognition.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Robust lower case made of zinc diecast provides proper stand.

Secure measurements
  • Prepared for secure wireless signal transfer with IDS wireless modules.
  • Digital data transfer eliminates interferences, provides secure calibration data and makes documentation of sensor data easy.
  • The smart sensor rating (QSC) gives information about the true condition of an IDS pH electrode and increases safety of operation.
  • The CMC function for pH visualises the optimum measuring range and supports correct measurements.
  • Visual display for the channel in order to provide correct allocation of channel and sensor.

Documentation acc. to GLP / AQA
  • Automatic digital recording of all sensor data for distinct documentation.
  • Optional user administration for clear allocation of user and measurement results.
  • Transfer of data as *.csv format via USB to PC, if desired transfer direct to Excel (MultiLab Importer, part of scope of delivery or as download from internet).
  • Additional transfer to USB memory drive or selected printer.

Compatible to conventional pH measurement
  • pH module (accessory) capable of being integrated for pH, ISE and ORP electrodes with DIN or BNC plug and 4 mm banana plug. For temperature sensor.
Technical Data:
Parameters:pH / ORP / conductivity / dissolved oxygen / turbidity / ISE
Measuring ranges:acc. to specific IDS sensor
Display:colour graphic, protected by glass plate
Key pad:anti-bacterial foil
Interface:USB-A (stick, printer), mini USB-B (PC)
Memory:manual 500 / automatic 10000
Optional pH module:instead of one digital input
User administration:MultiLab User
Stand:stand for right / left mounting
Mains supply:universal, 100 to 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Multi-Parameter Meters inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS / Multi 9630 IDS  WTW
Multi-Parameter Meters inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS / Multi 9630 IDS  WTWMulti-Parameter Meters inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS / Multi 9630 IDS  WTW    
TypeChannelsDescriptionPUOrder No. Price/Unit/GBP 
inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS2meter only15443262-1,611.28Order
inoLab® Multi 9620 IDS SET C2with pH SenTix® 980, conductivity TetraCon® 92515443263-2,196.48Order
inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS3meter only15443264-2,197.36Order
inoLab® Multi 9630 IDS SET K3with pH SenTix® 980, conductivity TetraCon® 925 FDO® 92515443265-3,499.76Order
For specifications of electrodes please see Order No. 5422395, 5422390 and 5422394.
FDO 925 IDS DO sensors / WTW
IDS conductivity cells TetraCon 925 and LR 925 / 01 / WTW